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Advisors by Topic

All incoming students receive curricular advising through the College of Engineering’s Advising & Outreach office, where staff help new and transfer students through the admissions and orientation process and complete an initial advising session.  Students receive academic advising from COEN Advising staff until they have successfully completed ECE 210 Introduction to Electric Circuits.  Upon completion of ECE 210, students are assigned an EE program advisor who provides advising through graduation.

You may also wish to reach out to faculty for specific research or advising questions.  Below is a list of faculty members by topic:

Topic Faculty
General EE and Transfers Dr. Ahmed-Zaid
Dr. Barney Smith
Dr. Welch
Communications and Signal Processing Dr. Barney Smith
Dr. Chen
Dr. Mehrpouyan
Dr. Welch
Control Systems Dr. Ahmed-Zaid
Dr. Chiasson
Computer Engineering Dr. Loo
Dr. Rafla
Dr. Smith
Electromagnetics and Microwave Design Dr. Browning
Dr. Kuang
Integrated Circuit Design Dr. Saxena
Semiconductor Devices, Processing, and Microfabrication
Dr. Campbell
Dr. Cantley
Dr. Mitkova
Dr. Subbaraman
Photonics Dr. Kuang
Power and Energy Systems Dr. Ahmed-Zaid
Dr. Chiasson