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Program Consultation

We want to get to know you

All prospective applicants to our doctoral program are encouraged to explore our research programs and contact faculty members with whom they would be interested in working.

After identifying one or more potential research advisors, applicants are encouraged to request a program consultation. An interview with a member of the admissions committee and a potential research advisor is required of all applicants before we can waive application fees or award priority-funding status.

The program consultation is a great way to share your story. We hope to hear about your research interests, professional experience, and personal achievements so that we can get a sense of who you are and where you hope to go.

You can get help with the program consultation process by reaching out to our graduate admissions counselor at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to participate in a program consultation?

No, the program consultation process is voluntary; however, only prospective applicants who complete a program consultation are eligible for application fee waivers and priority funding status.

  • Am I guaranteed a program consultation?

The consultation process requires that you seek out a prospective research advisor in advance. If you are unable to find a research advisor who is able to take on new doctoral students in his or her research group, your program consultation will be delayed until you have identified an available research advisor.