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Undergraduate Student Welcome

Whether you’re looking for an innovative education, an ideal location for outdoor recreation, or a chance to work with faculty who care, Boise State is the right place for you. In the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, our approach reflects the educational needs of the 21st century—commitment to life-long learning, an emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration, integration of research and teaching, and an appreciation of creativity and innovation in everything we do.

We are inventors, authors, researchers, and industry veterans, all focused on helping you work smarter and dream bigger.   Students play an important part in our department’s success and an even more important part in the successes they inspire at home and in the community.  We invite you to join us in creating the next new success story.

Why earn a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering?

One of the primary reasons to become an electrical or computer engineer is to have a positive impact on society.  Today’s  engineers enjoy a robust salary and high employment rate, but they are also making the planet a better place by addressing important issues such as climate change, health care, hunger, and more.  “Engineers hold a powerful role in delivering societal solutions that can inspire technical and non-technical communities to innovate for a better future,” says IEEE president Dr. Moshe Kam, “and these solutions raise the standard of living, preserve finite resources, and protect the environment.”  As the video below shows, electrical engineers are crossing disciplines and industries to apply computing, technology, math and science to solve complex world problems.

Why choose Boise State for your Electrical and Computer Engineering degree?

As the video below shows, life at Boise State is pretty good.  In addition to a beautiful campus and vibrant culture, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Boise State has a lot to offer prospective students.  Here, our faculty are on the cutting edge of teaching and research and our students bring fresh perspectives to the laboratory as well as the classroom. Together, our collective discoveries are the foundation for the next generation of technological advances.