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Aircraft Cabin Wireless Sensor Network

Image of sensor nodes

Sensor Nodes: PMON Albatross and
Albatross Mobile

The airliner cabin environmental quality project is a Federal Aviation Administration funded study to help identify the typical conditions within airline cabins today.

Hartman Systems Integration Laboratory (HSIL) has developed several sensor systems for collecting cabin environmental conditions such as
carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, and sound intensity (and to be added are particulate concentration and user heart rate/SpO2,). The FAA project sensor systems are designed or portability so they may be carried in normal carry-on luggage. This allows far more data to be collected without the expense of additional seating for instrumentation. The sensor nodes can be operated as stand-alone units for single point measurements or as part of a wireless sensor network in order to create a more complete picture of the cabin environment.

Image of HSIL program graphing data

HSIL program graphing data in real-time to monitor environmental condition

In addition to hardware/firmware/mechanical design, HSIL develops computer software (desktop/web/mobile) to directly access sensor networks or sensor systems for live data streaming and configuration.

This research is made possible by FAA funding through Cooperative Agreement 04-C-ACER-BSU, 07-C-RITE-BSU, 10-C-RITE-BSU.

Relevant Publications

Pook, M.; Loo, S.M.; Kiepert, J., “Monitoring the Aircraft Cabin Environment via a Wireless Sensor Network,” AIAA-2012-3441 42nd International Conference on Environmental Systems, San Diego, California. 2012.

Hall, J.; Loo, S.M.; Stephenson, D.; Butler, R.; Pook, M.; Kiepert, J.; Anderson, J.; Terrell, N., “A Portable Wireless Particulate Sensor System for Continuous Real-Time Environmental Monitoring,” AIAA-2012-3441 42nd International Conference on Environmental Systems, San Diego, California, July 15-19, 2012

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