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Monitoring Spent Nuclear Fuel Containers

Image of Atmegaton Motherboard

Atmegaton Motherboard

Nuclear energy systems continue to be a significant and growing component of the United States energy portfolio. It is therefore important to handle the resulting waste in a clean and responsible manner. A wireless monitoring system is being developed that will be able to actively monitor the status of a group of canisters and determine the long term viability of an individual canister. This will allow the use of predictive monitoring methods to proactively maintain each canister. The primary goal of the project is to develop a self powered (energy harvesting) sensor system internal to the container as well as providing the resulting sensor information to the end user. Parameters of interest include internal and external temperatures, internal and external humidity, internal atmospheric pressure, internal concentrations of O2, H2O, and Kr in the He cover gas, and external radiation.

This work has been supported by the Department of Energy.

Image of prototype Radiation Sensor

Prototype Radiation Sensor

Relevant Publication

James A. Hall Jr., Sin Ming Loo, Dale Stephenson, Ross Butler, Michael Pook, Josh Kiepert, Jordan Anderson, Nicholas Terrell, “A Portable Wireless Particulate Sensor System for Continuous Real-Time Environmental Monitoring,” AIAA-2012-3441 42nd International Conference on Environmental Systems, San Diego, California, July 15-19, 2012.

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