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Nanodevices and Materials

Image of 10x10 cross point arrays and single devices of chalcogenide-based memristors

10×10 cross point arrays and single devices of chalcogenide-based memristors

Our group explores novel materials and the electrical properties of devices fabricated with those materials. These materials include chalcogenide-based materials used as memristors, as non-volatile memory, and in reconfigurable electronics applications.Materials studied are fabricated or deposited within our group or with other university or industry collaborators. We have several materials characterization instruments in our laboratory, including a microRaman spectrometer, modulated differential scanning calorimeter, n&k tool for film optical properties, atomic force microscope, and a continuous-wave electron spin resonance spectrometer equipped with a dual-mode cavity. For device characterization, we have 4 microprobe stations, two of which are capable of variable temperature operation between 4.2 K to 400 K. We use the Boise State University Idaho microfabrication laboratory (IML) to process devices. In addition, we regularly integrate our materials into the back-end-of-line CMOS processes.

This work has been funded by the NSF, Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and NASA EPSCoR.

Image of low-temperature magnetic probe station

Low-temperature magnetic probe station

Image of differential scanning calorimeter

Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Image of micro-raman spectrometer

Micro-Raman Spectrometer







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