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Optical Devices and Nanophotonics

Image of optical pump-probe

Optical pump-probe experiments studying the nonlinear behavior of surface plasmon meta-materials.

The mission of nanophotonics research is to scale optical devices and components to their ultimate size limits. This usually involves designing near-field optical interactions that guide electromagnetic energy on a scale well below the diffraction limit. The group is currently involved in understanding the electro-optic properties of surface plasmon nanostructures using several numerical and experimental methods. The nanophotonics group also collaborates closely with material scientists (Dr. Knowlton, Hughes, Yurke) in exploring new sub-10 nm fabrication technique using single strand DNA as assembly scaffold.

Funding for this area of research is provided by NSF.

Image of five sets of 10 nm Au nanoparticle trimers assembled on a DNA origami nanotu

Five sets of 10 nm Au nanoparticle trimers assembled on a DNA origami nanotu




Relevant Publications

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Bui, H., Onodera, C., Kidwell, C., Tan, Y., Kuang, W., Lee, J., Knowlton, W. B., Yurke, B., Hughes, W. L. (2010).  Programmable periodicity of quantum dot arrays with DNA origami nanotubes.  Nano Letters 10, 3367-3372.

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