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Vacuum Electron Device

Image of Microwave Vacuum Electron DeviceVacuum electron devices are used in numerous technologies including radar, satellite communications, high definition television, flat panel X-ray sources, and a range of test and measurement systems. Our research interests include the use of gated, Field Emission Arrays (FEAs) in Microwave Vacuum Electron Devices (MVEDs), and X-ray sources. The devices currently being studied include magnetrons and crossed-field amplifiers.

While the research is primarily experimental, simulation of MVEDs using the 3D PIC simulation VORPAL is an important part of the research. The current laboratory has two vacuum chamber test systems and necessary supporting test and measurement equipment. In addition, electron hopping structures (hop funnels) and secondary electron emission within these funnels is also being studied. These hop funnels may be used in future MVEDs or X-ray sources. Hop funnel research includes experimental investigation of hop funnel materials and structures, as well as simulation using the charged particle trajectory code Lorentz2E.

Past and current funding is provided by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research & the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

Image of hop funnelRelevant Publications

J. Browning and J. Watrous, “A faceted magnetron concept using field emission cathodes,” J. Vacuum Science and Technology B, Vol. 29, March/April (2011).

C. Lester, J. Browning, and L. Matthews, “Electron hop funnel measurements and comparison with the Lorentz-2E simulation”, IEEE Trans. on Plasma Sci., Vol. 39, No. 1, pp. 555-561, Jan. (2011

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