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Prospective Students

Image of Dr. Kris Campbell mentoring student research

Dr. Kris Campbell mentors student research

“I want to major in electrical engineering because I have a passion to learn about how everyday technology works. Everything we do nowadays involves using some sort of application from electrical engineering. In addition, electrical engineering is used in almost every industry because it encompasses so much information. This ensures the availability of jobs to students who major in electrical engineering. Over the last century, electrical engineering has become one of the disciplines that contributes most to the society. So if you want to make the world a better place, electrical engineering is the right major for you.”

-Ngoc Luong, BSEE 2013

 “I chose to study electrical engineering because it is one of the most rewarding and challenging majors. I wanted to find an exciting career path that would still be interesting in 20 years. Electrical engineering offers interesting challenges that provide a great sense of accomplishment. It allows me to work in teams on continuously evolving projects. In the end, it keeps me on my toes, and constantly presents opportunities to learn new things.” 

-Kelsey Drake, BSEE 2014

If you are considering pursuing an Electrical Engineering degree, we encourage you to view the video, “Engineers, Inspiring a New Generation of What If” provided by IEEE Solutionists. It provides an overview of some of the many career possibilities a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering can provide and explores how this degree can prepare you to lead some of the world’s greatest innovations.