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Transferring External Credits into your BSEE

Transfer credits:

Only credits earned from an ABET accredited EE (electrical engineering), ECE, or CompE (computer engineering) program can be counted towards ECE courses at Boise State and only with the department chair’s and student’s advisor’s approval. For example, credits earned in an ABET-accredited EET (Electrical Engineering Technology) program cannot be counted towards the ECE courses required for the BSEE degree at BoiseState.

New Transfer Students

Definition: Students who have never taken courses with an ECE prefix at Boise State, but have completed courses work at other universities are in this category.

Transfer credit approval procedure:

Welcome to Boise State. In order for the courses you completed at your previous institutions to be properly credited to your BSEE at Boise State, we need you to fill out the form:

ECE Transfer Credit Evaluation – New Students

for each course you want to have paired with a specific Boise State ECE course. Transfer of math, physics, computer science, English, etc., is handled by those departments. We need to evaluate the suitability of the potential match of each course from your other university with the courses at Boise State.

Current Boise State Students:

Definition: Students who have already taken ECE courses at Boise State and want to take courses from another university to apply to their BSEE.

We are glad that you are a Boise State student. We work hard to provide you with quality courses. If you want to take some courses at another university to get ahead, or to catch up, the ECE Department has a policy on transfer courses allowing no more than 8 credits of ECE 2xx, 3xx or 4xx courses to be transferred into the Boise State program once you begin studying at Boise State. This will allow two courses and two laboratories.

Policies: You may not take a course at another university if the same course is being offered that same semester at Boise State. That does not meet the goals of transfer courses helping fill in to get ahead or catchup. Those courses should be taken at Boise State.

If it is an online course, you need to specify the proctoring method to be used and conform to Boise State’s policies Please fill out and submit Boise State’s Proctoring form with your application.

BSU Policy Update: The Idaho State Board of Education no longer limits the total number of transfer credits. Transfer students must still earn a minimum of 40 upper-division credits and meet Boise State’s residency requirement (30 of final 36 credits earned at Boise State).

ECE Department policy: no more than 8 credits of ECE 2xx, 3xx or 4xx courses may be transferred into the BSU program once you begin studying at Boise State.

Transfer credit approval procedure:

Before you register for the course you must fill out the form:

ECE Transfer Credit Evaluation – Existing Students

requesting pre-approval for the transfer. During the academic year, except for during Final week, and breaks, we anticipate you will receive a response within 10 business days. At other times the response time may be greater.

After you have successfully completed the course, and you have your transcript from the other university showing successful completion, get the official course transferred to Boise State as an ECE 200XF, 300XF, or 400XF, as appropriate and then fill out the form:

ECE Transfer Credit Evaluation – After

including a copy of the email from the previous form showing that the transfer course was approved, and we will file BSU paperwork adjustments so it satisfies the BSU requirement.