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Engineering Plus Psychology

Engineering Psychologists bring understandings of human capabilities and limitations to engineering. They study how people sense, store, and process, information as well as how they act and interact with machine systems. They may contribute to a design team’s understanding of how to optimize performance within a system. Engineering psychologists draw upon their ability to collect and analyze research of human performance.
Careers that might be of interest to someone with this educational background include:

  • Human-computer interaction
  • Human factors engineer
  • User Experience Researcher
  • Usability Testing Manger
  • Design Engineering
  • Ergonomist (consulting, evaluation)
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Government settings such as the Department of Defense or the Department of Transportation, NASA, and branches of the military have positions that require this background.
    You may want to learn more about this field by visiting Career Guidance for Engineering Psychologists

    Four year plan for engineering plus psychology degree

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