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Electrical & Computer Engineering

Department Chair
Jim Browning
Jim Browning view profile

Chair, Associate Professor | 208-426-2347 | RUCH 240A

Said Ahmed-Zaid
Said Ahmed-Zaid view profile

Associate Professor | 208-426-4073 | MEC 202H

Elisa  H. Barney Smith
Elisa H. Barney Smith view profile

Professor | 208-426-2214 | MEC 202C

Kris Campbell
Kris Campbell view profile

Professor | 208-426-5968 | RUCH 224

Kurtis Cantley
Kurtis Cantley view profile

Assistant Professor | 208-426-5715 | MEC 202B

Hao Chen
Hao Chen view profile

Associate Professor | 208-426-1020 | MEC 202E

John Chiasson
John Chiasson view profile

Associate Professor | 208-426-4054 | MEC 202K

Brian Higgins
Brian Higgins view profile

Clinical Assistant Professor | 208-426-4804 | MEC 302G

Benjamin Johnson
Benjamin Johnson view profile

Assistant Professor | 208-426-3842 | MEC 202 N

Nirmala Kandadai
Nirmala Kandadai view profile

Assistant Professor | 208-426-4807 | MEC 302F

Wan  Kuang
Wan Kuang view profile

Associate Professor | 208-426-1021 | MEC 202L

Sin Ming Loo
Sin Ming Loo view profile

Professor | 208-426-5679 | MEC 411A

Hani Mehrpouyan
Hani Mehrpouyan view profile

Assistant Professor | 208-426-2285 | MEC 202 M

Maria Mitkova
Maria Mitkova view profile

Professor | 208-426-1319 | MEC 202D

Nader Rafla
Nader Rafla view profile

Associate Professor | 208-426-3711 | MEC 202F

Noah Salzman
Noah Salzman view profile

Assistant Professor/Engineering Educator | 208- 426-5726 |

Jennifer Anne Smith
Jennifer Anne Smith view profile

Associate Professor | 208-426-5743 | RUCH 222

Harish Subbaraman
Harish Subbaraman view profile

Assistant Professor | 208-426-4803 | MEC 202G

Dr. Thad B. Welch, P.E.
Dr. Thad B. Welch, P.E. view profile

Professor and inaugural SPEN Fellow | 208-426-2212 | RUCH 223

MarkAnderson view profile

Lecturer | 208-426-4826 | MEC 302A

Gary Hunt
Gary Hunt view profile

Lecturer | NA | RUCH 207

Associated Professors
Bob Hay
Bob Hay view profile

Emeritus Professor

Arlen Planting
Arlen Planting view profile

Emeritus Professor

Adjunct Faculty
Gary Carlson, Adunct Faculty view profile

Luka Daoud, Adunct Faculty view profile

Fady Hussein, Adunct Faculty view profile

Ellen McKinney, Adunct Faculty view profile

Gary Stringham, Adjunct Faculty view profile

Andres Valrepena, Adunct Faculty view profile

Donna Welch, Adjunct Faculty view profile

Administrative Staff
Jenn Ambrose
Jenn Ambrose view profile

Department Manager | 208-426-2283 | RUCH 240B

Baily Hazzard
Baily Hazzard view profile

Academic Programs Assistant | (208) 426-5788 | RUCH 240

Kristina Martin
Kristina Martin view profile

Academic Programs Manager | 208-426-1167 | RUCH 240

Kelly Martinez
Kelly Martinez view profile

Office Manager | 208-426-1182 | RUCH 240

Research Staff
Ranajoy Bhattacharya
Ranajoy Bhattacharya view profile

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Travis Gabel
Travis Gabel view profile

Microfab Lab Tech Support Engineer | 208-426-5752 | RUCH 106

Peter Zeno
Peter Zeno view profile

Postdoctoral Research Scientist