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Electrical & Computer Engineering

Department Chair
Jim Browning
Jim Browning view profile

Chair/Associate Professor | 208-426-2347 | RUCH 240A

Said Ahmed-Zaid
Said Ahmed-Zaid view profile

Associate Professor | 208-426-4073 | MEC 202H

Elisa  H. Barney Smith
Elisa H. Barney Smith view profile

Professor | 208-426-2214 | MEC 202C

Kris Campbell
Kris Campbell view profile

Associate Professor ECE | 208-426-5968 | RUCH 224

Kurtis Cantley
Kurtis Cantley view profile

Assistant Professor | 208-426-5715 | MEC 202B

Hao Chen
Hao Chen view profile

Associate Professor | 208-426-1020 | MEC 202E

John Chiasson
John Chiasson view profile

Associate Professor | 208-426-4054 | MEC 202K

Brian Higgins
Brian Higgins view profile

Clinical Assistant Professor | 208-426-4804 | MEC 302G

Benjamin Johnson
Benjamin Johnson view profile

Assistant Professor | 208-426-3842 | MEC 202 N

Nirmala Kandadai
Nirmala Kandadai view profile

Assistant Research Professor | 208-426-4807 | MEC 302F

Wan  Kuang
Wan Kuang view profile

Associate Professor | 208-426-1021 | MEC 202L

Sin Ming Loo
Sin Ming Loo view profile

Professor | 208-426-5679 | MEC 411A

Hani Mehrpouyan
Hani Mehrpouyan view profile

Assistant Professor | 208-426-2285 | MEC 202 M

Maria Mitkova
Maria Mitkova view profile

Professor | 208-426-1319 | MEC 202D

Nader Rafla
Nader Rafla view profile

Interim Chair (CS)/Associate Professor (ECE) | 208-426-3711 | CCP 363

Noah Salzman
Noah Salzman view profile

Assistant Professor/Engineering Educator | 208- 426-5726 |

Jennifer Anne Smith
Jennifer Anne Smith view profile

Associate Professor | 208-426-5743 | RUCH 222

Harish Subbaraman
Harish Subbaraman view profile

Assistant Professor | 208-426-4803 | MEC 202G

Dr. Thad B. Welch, P.E.
Dr. Thad B. Welch, P.E. view profile

Professor and inaugural SPEN Fellow | 208-426-2212 | RUCH 223

MarkAnderson view profile

Lecturer | 208-426-4826 | MEC 302A

Associated Professors
Bob Hay
Bob Hay view profile

Emeritus Professor

Arlen Planting
Arlen Planting view profile

Emeritus Professor

Adjunct Faculty
James (Jim) Hall , Adjunct Faculty view profile

Gavin Huggins, Adjunct Faculty view profile

Ali Ibrahim, Adjunct Faculty view profile

Daniel Johnston, Adjunct Faculty view profile

Mark Q Shaw, Adjunct Faculty view profile

Nick Terrell , Adjunct Faculty view profile

Donna Welch, Adjunct Faculty view profile

Administrative Staff
Kristina Martin
Kristina Martin view profile

Management Assistant | 208-426-1167 | RUCH 240

Research Staff
Travis Gabel
Travis Gabel view profile

Microfab Lab Tech Support Engineer | 208-426-5752 | RUCH 106

Support Staff
Jenn Ambrose
Jenn Ambrose view profile

Department Manager | 208-426-2283 | RUCH 240B