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Lynn E. Catlin, PE

Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering
Phone: 208-426-4088 | Fax: | Office: GAA 104
Lynn E. Catlin, PE
Office Hours
Fall 2019: W 11:45-1:15, F 9:00-10:00 & appt.


After having had a rich career in industry for 20 years, it's been exciting to be back at a University, helping mentor Engineering students and learning new skills myself. In addition to being one of two Capstone Design Managers for the department, I also fulfill the roles of Department Advising Coordinator and recently have also taken on the CAD Coordinator position for the department.

Most of my career has been spent designing automated equipment for the Semiconductor industry, where I have been able to achieve several successful projects of varying complexity. I have also had the bitter taste of "lessons learned", where one may soundly argue that great personal and professional growth occurred.

In a couple of positions, I have had the good fortune to work as an Application Engineer. In one position I worked for a CAD/CAM/CAE software vendor, and in another, I was working with industry leading vision inspection. Both afforded me the opportunity to work with wildly different industries and also introduced me to sometimes heavy domestic and international travel.

After having managed a multi-disciplined design group for an equipment company that sells equipment worldwide, I was fortunate in being hired here at Boise State to continue my leadership role as a Senior Design Professor. In this role, I find great satisfaction in helping students examine many different real world problems, and hope to ease the transition from textbook engineering courses into the engineering profession.

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