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Jim Browning, Ph.D.

Chair, Associate Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Phone: 208-426-2347 | Fax: | Office: RUCH 240A
Jim Browning
After graduate school, Dr. Browning joined the Center for Electromagnetics Research at Northeastern University in Boston in 1988. While there he worked on microwave devices, space plasmas, and gated vacuum field emission devices. He also taught in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. In 1992 he joined Micron Technology in Boise, ID where he worked on the development of Field Emission Displays (FEDs). His work included test and characterization, device physics, packaging, failure analysis, reliability, device design, device manufacturing, and cost analysis. In 1999 he joined PixTech, Inc. where he continued his work on FEDs with emphasis on manufacturing development. In 2001 he became a consultant on FEDs and on other display technologies with work in display characterization and testing, device analysis, and cost analysis. He joined the ECE department at Boise State in 2006. His research interests include microwave vacuum electron devices, vacuum nano-transistors, and cold atmopsheric pressure plasma for use in biofilm remediation.