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Don Plumlee, Ph.D.

Chair/Associate Professor
Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering
Phone: 208-426-3575 | Fax: 208-426-4800 | Office: RUCH 201C
Don Plumlee

I have had the opportunity to become involved in many aspects of engineering through my career. I take pride in being able to provide something back to the profession in the way of engineering education, operating a research laboratory and assisting with the presentation of the IMAPS conferences.

I have been involved in the administration of the PE Review classes offered through the University of Idaho and FE Review classes offered through Boise State University. I have taught the Thermal/Fluids Systems classes for the PE Review classes from 2006 to the present and I have taught the thermodynamics session for the FE Review classes from 2007 to the present. Each of these exams is important to the Idaho engineering profession and these review sessions contribute to the success of our students.

I have managed the Ceramic MEMS research laboratory at BSU from 2001 until the present. This work includes managing student researchers including approximately twenty engineering graduate students and undergraduate students from 2001. These students have consistently excelled in the classroom and research activities. The laboratory has been able to provide presentation opportunities for students at the International Micro-Electronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS) conference in Denver and an international opportunity in Munich Germany in 2008.

I am the faculty advisor for several student groups at BSU. I am the faculty advisor for the Aerodesign group that competes nationally with a self-designed/fabricated airplane. I am the technical advisor for a senior design project developing a controlled burn apparatus. I am also the faculty advisor for the CAN-SAT device being developed as a future project.

I am a currently a member of several engineering societies including the International Micro-electronics and Packaging Society, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and American Society of Engineering Education.

Prior to arriving at Boise State University, I worked for Lockheed Martin Astronautics as a Product Engineer/Project Manager/Mechanical Designer on structural airframe components for several aerospace vehicles. I developed and improved manufacturing processes for the Atlas/Centaur rocket program, managed the production implementation of the J-2 rocket program, and created designs for structural/propulsion/electrical systems in both the Atlas/Centaur and J-2 programs. I also worked at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) as a co-op engineer in the Propulsion Laboratory. My assignments included structural designer in the Ground Support Equipment Branch designing Space Station Node Transportation Cradles and Astronaut Orbital Tools and analysis engineer on the Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) in the MSFC Liquid Propulsion Branch.