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Functional Ceramics Group

  image of functional ceramic research group (Billy Chan, Adam Jiang, Binay Joshi, Kevin Tolman,  Dr. Karthik Chinnathambi, Jonathan Schmidt, Tyler Young, Josh Owens, Dr. Rick Ubic, Chris Rumrill, Emma Faulkner, AJ Garland, and Kevin Talley)     The functional ceramic research group (left to right): Billy Chan, Adam Jiang, Binay Joshi, Kevin Tolman,  Dr. Karthik Chinnathambi, Jonathan Schmidt, Tyler Young, Josh Owens, Dr. Rick Ubic, Chris Rumrill, Emma Faulkner, AJ Garland, and Kevin Talley.

The team’s main research interests include structure-property relationships in functional ceramics, including dielectrics, ferroelctrics, and ionic conductors.