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Honor Roll of Donors 2018


(Donations received Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2018)

With thanks to our donors:


Candace Smelek Estate

The Langan Barber Foundation

Dean A. Klein and Theresa Klein

Laverne R. and William A. Jones

$20,000 – $49,999

Micron Technology Foundation, Inc.

Amy J. Moll and William Knowlton

Harriette L. and Tyler Lowrey


$10,000 – $19,999

Jonathan S. and Candace L. Nourse-Hatch

L3 Technologies

$5,000 – $9,999

Boise Code Camp LLC

Idaho Community Foundation

Elizabeth F. and Eric I. Schneider

June Langton

Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, Inc.

HP Inc.

$1,000 – $4,999

Intel Corporation

SGW Designworks, LLC

Norman F. Dahm

Andersen Construction Company

Beniton Construction Company

Power Foundation

Staker Parson Companies

Idaho Power

Executive Functions Management

Kevin Hawkins

Clarence A. and Susan K. Planting

Brenda J. and Paul Marosvari

Red Wing Shoe Compan

Centered Consulting LLC

Lisa Rendon

Larry J. Dresser

Verizon Foundation

William and Vanessa Hutchison

Robert D. and Anna M. Barclay

John F. Gardner and Barbara L. Bowling

Goodfellow Bros, Inc.

National Center for Women and Information Technology

Chrissy E. and Chad D. Shelton

Robert W. Hamilton

Eric and Meghan Jankowski

Matt Swenson

James A. Haefer

Robert and Debra Munoz

Twenty X Steel

Soroptimist International of Boise

Derek Dickson

$500 – $999

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Jeffrey S. and Colleen Ramsey

JoAnn S. and Larry Lighty

Distinctive Millwork and Specialties, Inc

Winspear Construction LLC

W. J. Appeldoorn

McMillen LLC

Kevin F. and Cynthia Klein

Alan and Roberta S. Russell

Carole M. and Stanley H. Rayner, Jr.

Fengyi Chen and Wei Zhang

Mary Anne E. Hartman-Cunningham

Mark A. White and Amy S. Fong

Russell R. Wermers

Adriana L. Groff

Daniel L. and Cheryl D. Knighton

Tom and Laura Locke Field

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation

Claire E. Herman

Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving

$100 – $499

Boeing Company

Donny Kiehn

Doug L. Kellis

Maria Mitkova

Brian R. Wright

Robbin M.and John Zahurak

Dave and Lynne Barnes

Janet M. Callahan

Matthew S. Katula and Bianca Covington

Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Nissan North America Inc.

Kaisa M. and. Kelly G. Mitchell

David L. and Catherine B. Heckman

Owen W. Thunes

Jerald E. and Mrs. Carol J. Heimbuch

Carol C. and Douglas E. Teater

Darrin K. Reed

Caleb F. Fisher

Jared K. Eby

Matt and JoLynn Somero

Timothy E. and Sherri Forhan

Andrew and Susan S. Hutchison

Monica Martinez

Edwin Jenkins

Michele Y. Armstrong

Harlan S. Barney, Jr.

Lori E. and Darren Turner

Eric R. and Kathy Cutbirth

Alan A. Avila

Philip A. Dobbin

Susan A. Westergard

Pamela K. and Jack K. Lemley

Jill and Tom Poulsen

James S. and Kelley Tagg

Robert Pownall

Kelly M. Hache

YourCause, LLC – Trustee for Hewlett Packard

The Northrop Grumman Foundation

Society of Women Engineers

Russ and Linda Messier

Rebecca L. and Zachary A. Carter

Dona Jeka

Rocky W. Ingalls

Nick Schmidt

Justin J. Tietz

Mauro and Shelley R. Ferrando

Teresa L. Cole

Gregory M. and Joanne Beall

Vickie M. and James K. Whitham

Timothy T. Jones and Gillian Bailey

Mandar and Jayashree Khanal

Collin B. and Mallisa Sower

Jon D. Peterson

Michael Lynott

Diane Alters

Matthew and Keri Yarbrough

Jerry L. Hollingsworth and Susan M. Johnston

Melissa J. and Cory J. Reche

Debra Anderson

Mark Weyn

Susan and Mark Cappello

Darla Mitchell

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Integrated Design + Energy Advisors, LLC

Josefa Martinez

Leon and Lisa Jaramillo

Derrick W. and Brigette Bell

Dave White

Commercial Northwest LLC

American Endowment Foundation

Ormaza Series, LLC

General Electric Foundation

Miltenberger, Richard Michael

Justin K. Reed

Christopher W. Slater

Kelly E. and Bonnie B. Cable

Yasmin M. Vance

Stanley V. Rishel and Janet D. Rishel

Michael L. and Janet S. Rush

James M. and Christa E. Fica

Charles M. and Patricia M. Wolcott

Steven G. and Robyn Wood-Millard

Jesse M. Brock

Judith B. and Lynn R. Ratzlaff

Jason T. and Sara C. Wilson

Steve  and Janie Stillwell-Spoor

Shane G. Mickels

Joanna W. Lui

Richard E. and Mary S. Mauney

Paul L. Lucia, III

Lori E. and Darren Turner

John Wertz

Christopher D. Silsby

Chuck Adams

Nathan J. Miller


Martha Olvera

Arvin Farid

Jennifer A. Smith

Michael Perez

Alan S. Fennimore

Anthony W. and Karen Marker

Mark C. and Mabry A. Brice

Clarence Mak

Crystal Barylski

Shuai Peng

Robert Steele

Tracy and James Rivera

Nancy Greene

Allison Sesnon  and  Kenneth Lamkin

Mary Fong

Susan Huang

Jenna Newsom

Patricia A. Anderson

Terri L. and Michael J. Cardona

Alicia Garza

Qawi I. Harvard

Michael P. Plotts

Jay B. Hovde

Mark E. and Lorraine Reed

Anna M. Ellis

Marcy L. White

Don Nelson

Michael J. and Tamara A. Secrist

Cynthia H. and David Yost

Tung Ho

Jack L. Reines

Ryan G. and Charly S. Van Leuven

Cece A. Gassner and Adam Park

Adam and Carmen Rosenbaum

Chad A. Weaver

Jacob M. Norris

Judy and Sam Beam

Miranda H. Moore

Alan L. Walker

Daniel and Kristen K. Boyd

Tenna J. and Robert Merritt

Carrie L. Nielsen

Tom Statkus

Mark S. and Irene R. Hofhine

Kim Fong

Mr. Brian D. McMillon % Mrs. Heidi McMillon

Mr. James Snapp

Ms. Courtney Mitchell

Mrs. Cara Starr Johnson % Mr. Shane Johnson

American Express Foundation

JT Sam

Tony Christensen

Edward M. MacDougall

Ana M. and Steve V. Schachtell

Tracy D. and William Seaman

Kevin D. Klein

Joshua T. Rice

Ross Eggett

Francis L. Heck

Ms. Angie Lei

Vera and John K. Stieha

Tiffany L. and Cory Wirtz

William C. McClung

Julia Monserrat

Annalies G. Tipton

Tonglin Lu

Trina Ponce

Alex and Jackie Hall

Stillman A. Norton

Teresa L. Harder

Antonina Robles

Maria S. Pera

Chris Hokett

Kris Sansing

Francisco D. Salinas

Glen A. Tiderman

Omar Betancourt

Laurie Nuck

Connor W. O. Tudbury

Angie White

Yung Stiffler

Allie and Quincy Clapier

Kaleb A. and Rickie Wilson

Robert and Pam Robbins

Scott E. Jurgens

Amy E. Y. Manley

Gene K. and Laraine Baxter

John M. Franklin

Scott and Holly Ferguson