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Honor Roll of Givers 2014

(Donations received Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2014)

With thanks to our donors:


Dorothy S. Stimpson

Micron Technology Foundation, Inc.

Agilent Technologies

Keynetics, Inc.

Donald and Beverly McCarter

MetaGeek, LLC

Harry W. Morrison Foundation


Satz Asbury Family Foundation

Roger and Mary Pat Thompson

Beavers Charitable Trust

James and Amy Hepworth

Boise Code Camp LLC

Idaho Community Foundation

Robert and Anne Hay

Dean and Theresa Klein

McM Foundation, Inc.


Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Granite Construction Company

Don Haworth

Don Haworth and Jan Laskey-Haworth

Pro-Team, Inc.


Stanley and Carole Rayner

American Association State Highway Transportation Officials

POWER Engineers Inc.

Whittenberger Foundation

Andersen Construction Company

Beniton Construction Company

Engineered Structures, Inc.

McMillen LLC

Jimmy J. Browning

Clarence A. Planting

Joni D. Craft

Robert D. Barclay

Norman F. Dahm

Gayle Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Bill and Vanessa Hutchison

Elizabeth and Eric Schneider

John Gardner and Barbara Bowling

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Robert W. Hamilton

Amy J. Moll and William Knowlton

Clarence W. Anderson

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Christopher and Andrea Hale

Intel Corporation

June Langton

SPF Water Engineering, LLC

Todd T. Weible


Larry J. Dresser

Janet M. Callahan

Maria Mitkova

Jon T. Flack

Robert and Valerie Henning

Daniel and Cheryl D. Knighton

Richard A. Martin

National Center for Women and Information Technology

Orthopaedic Research Clinic of Alaska

Carol J. Perkins

Douglas and Carol Teater

Donald C. Murray


Kevin F. Klein

Construction Managers

Doug L. Kellis

Darryl P. Butt

Lael H. Matthews

John H. Griffin

Kiewit Energy Group, Inc.

Casey J. Schmitt

Evan M. Young

Wei Zhang and Fengyi Chen

George A. Murgel

Camille Andersen

Alan M. Andrews

Curtis and Sara Cahoon

Darla J. Carrington

Robert and Patti Clune

Anthony R. DeLeon

Gary Erickson and Harriet Shaklee

David  and Catherine Heckman

Harriett Heisey

J. Andrew Hutchison

Donald L. Kiehn

Donald J. Parks

Glenn and Linda Schumacher

Walter and Mary Smith

Brian R. Wright

Mallory E. Yates

Joshua and Hilary Woodland

Richard D. Anderson

B and B Steel Erectors

Cloverdale Plumbing

Cade L. Lawrence

Steven G. Millard

Alan Russell

Lynn D. Russell

Mark A. Smith

Collin B. Sower

Steven W. Villachica

YourCause, LLC – Trustee for Hewlett Packard

William R. Cridland

Teresa L. Cole

Keith D. Feldman

Timothy T. Jones

Nathan J. Miller

Michele Y. Armstrong

Mandar Khanal

Norma Kindall

Martin and Jacqueline Barclay

Shannon L. Heck

Cody A. Ravenscroft

Kevin Titus

Dennis R. Ahrens

Rick and Marla Aldinger


Dean and Erika Byrd

Adam R. Capell

Cindy A. Dietz

Janet Dunlop

Jared K. Eby

Elkhorn Industries LLC

Melissa L. Elkinton

Mauro and Shelley Ferrando

Shawn L. Flagstad

Ken R. Fukumoto

Sandra M. Gabica

Daniel P. Gado

Jerald and Carol Heimbuch

Christopher A. Hiebert

Tung Ho

Russell E. Hopkins

Maureen N. Hugues

Idaho Power

Jacquelyn L. Killian

Ramish J. Kreizenbeck

Timothy and Carrie Lawrence

Frank W. Leonard

Mereidi S. Liebner

Eric C. Lincoln

Little-Morris, LLP

Valerie S. Monette

William E. Morris

Nissan Technical Center

Stephanie M. Ogle

Joseph J. Perkins

Wesley R. Porter

Patrick D. Pulver

Richard E. Reavis

Stanley and Janet Rishel

Schweitzer Engineering Lab, Inc.

Debra A. Sieloff

Matthew J. Somero

Steven F. Spoor

Stock Construction Management Services, Inc.

Terence and Lori Street

Owen W. Thunes

Justin J. Tietz

Laurie A. Toyama

William and Sue Wilkins

Brooke L. Wilmoth

Fei Xue