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Contact  to schedule tile display node use.

  • Log into Kestrel
  • Module load paraview
  • Type switch_x_paraview at prompt and wait for the screens to finish
  • Type createSLURMscript at prompt


      • Select 2 on the main menu for Tile Display job
      • Enter the desired filename for your job (ex:
      • Enter the name of your SLURM job (ex: tiledisplay_job)
      • Enter batch for the SLURM job
      • Select 7 on the main menu to exit createSLURMscipt
      • Type sbatch <filename> to submit your job (ex: sbatch
      • Type squeue at the prompt
      • Look through the list and find the first node that your job is started on and record the node # (ex: node23) this will be used for the client server port on your local Paraview
      • Open Paraview on your local host
      • First time Paraview users will need to follow steps outlined in Paraview first time server connect to Kestrel before using.
      • Once finished with the job on Paraview, click Disconnect

(Clicking Disconnect will remove the job from SLURM)

Connect/Disconnect Icons

Connect icon  Image of the connect server icon in ParaView

Disconnect icon Image of the disconnect server icon in ParaView