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Book Chapter(s):

  1. Sadegh, M., C. Love, A. Farahmand, A. Mehran, M.J. Tourian, and A. AghaKouchak (2016), Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing of Drought from Space, Remote Sensing of Hydrological Extremes, Springer.

Published and under-publication works:

  1. Sadegh, M., E. Ragno, A. AghaKouchak (2017), Quantifying uncertainty of hydrologic variables dependence structure through multivariate dependence analysis toolbox (MvDAT), Water Resources Research, Under Review.
  2. Madadgar, A. AghaKouchak, F. Change, T. Sanford, A. Kenward, and M. Sadegh (2017), Increased fire risk in California in a warming and drying climate, Nature Communications, Under Review.
  3. Mazdiyasni, A. AghaKouchak, S.J. Davis, S. Madadgar, A. Mehran, E. Ragno, M. Sadegh, A. Sengupta, S. Ghosh, C.T. Dhanya, M. Niknejad (2017), Increasing probability of mass-mortality during Indian heatwaves, Science Advances, Under Review.
  4. Sadegh, M., J.A. Vrugt, H.V. Gupta, and C. Xu (2016), The soil water characteristic as new class of closed-form parametric expressions for the flow duration curve, Journal of Hydrology, 535, 438-456, doi: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2016.01.027.
  5. Sadegh, M., J. A. Vrugt, C. Xu, and E. Volpi (2015), The Stationarity paradigm revisited: Hypothesis testing using diagnostics, summary metrics, and DREAM(ABC), Water Resources Research, 51, doi:10.1002/2014WR016805.
  6. Lochbühler, J.A. Vrugt, M. Sadegh, and N. Linde (2015), Summary statistics from training images as prior information in probabilistic inversion, Geophysical Journal International, 201 (1), 157-171, doi: 10.1093/gji/ggv008.
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  10. Sadegh, M., and R. Kerachian (2011), Water resources allocation using solution concepts of fuzzy cooperative games: Fuzzy least core and Fuzzy weak least core, Water Resources Management, 25, 2543-2573, doi: 10.1007/s11269-011-9826-x.
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Under preparation publications:

  1. Sadegh, M., O. Mazdiyasni, A. AghaKouchak (2017), Food, energy, water nexus: A data-driven global model of interdependencies, Scientific Data (Nature).
  2. Sadegh, M., A. AghaKouchak (2017), Time variant rainfall runoff modeling: Analysis of watersheds under nonstationarity, Journal of Hydrology.
  3. Sadegh, M., A. AghaKouchak (2017), Model Calibration Toolbox (MCAL): Fitting models to purpose, Environmental Modeling and Software.
  4. Torabi Haghighi, M. Sadegh, A. Aghakouchak, B. Kløve (2017), Hydropolitic impact on flow regime characteristics of low-land aqua-ecosystem, Global and Planetary Change.
  5. Rahnamy Naeini, T. Yang, M. Sadegh, A. AghaKouchak, K. Hsu, S. Sorooshian (2017), Shuffled complex-self adaptive hybrid evolution: A new hybrid optimization framework, Water Resources Research.

Conference proceedings:

  1. Sadegh, M., N. Mahjouri, and R. Kerachian (2010), Developing a Fuzzy game theoretic model for optimal inter-basin water allocation, Proceedings of EWRI’s 3rd developing nations conference: India 2010 at IIT-M.
  2. Sadegh, M., and R. Kerachian (2010), Fuzzy cooperative game solution concepts to a water resource allocation problem, Proceedings of EWRI’s 3rd developing nations conference: India 2010 at IIT-M.
  3. Sadegh, M., N. Mahjouri, and R. Kerachian (2009), Water allocation management in an inter-basin water transfer project using Shapley value, Proceedings of the first national conference on engineering and management of infrastructure, University of Tehran, Iran. (in Farsi)

Unpublished manuscripts:

  1. J.A. Vrugt, and M. Sadegh, FDCFIT: A MATLAB toolbox of closed-form parametric expressions of the flow duration curve (toolbox manual).
  2. Sadegh, M., Hydrologic model consistency: Comparison of model calibration and evaluation strategies.
  3. Sadegh, M., Bayesian analysis of carbon cycle models: A step toward improving prediction of biosphere primary production with CASA.
  4. Sadegh, M., The search for hydrologic signatures: The effect of data transformations on Bayesian model calibration.

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