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As part of the NSF grant, scholarships are provided to encourage Professional Development in the field of Computer Science.

The NSF grant funding was extended till August 2018 – Fall 2018 is the last semester NSF funding will be available to current IDoCode students.

After the Fall 2018 semester, students will be responsible for financial arrangements for future courses to complete their degree.

Cohort 5 (students who started summer 2018), may apply for a loan forgiveness grant from the STEM Action Center.

The STEM action center funding  has the following criteria:

  • All funding is contingent on continued funding of the STEM AC
  • Educators will have to pay for the program first and apply for reimbursement (e.g. loan forgiveness)
  • The STEM AC will only pay for tuition reimbursement (not books, gas, etc.)
  • Applicants will apply for funding through the STEM AC Sales Force Portal (and must fill out our final report)
  • The STEM AC pays a percentage (33% of their loan at the end of each school year they teach CS). So the cohort that starts in Fall of 2018, they could apply for loan forgiveness in June 2020, June 2021, June 2022 if they taught CS those three years.
  • They must teach at an Idaho Public High School
  • A one-time amount of $5,000 would go to the school if it is a new CS course being offered to the school to help support these educators and pay for materials or any cost associated to start the program

The STEM Action Center has a CS Teacher endorsement incentive for any teacher. This is in the form of a $500 sponsorship grant that they will apply to – contact Finia Dinh. Once the teacher has successfully passed the Praxis and receive their CS teacher endorsed, they will receive $500.

NOTE: All sponsorship funding is contingent on legislature continued funding for the STEM Action Center programs.