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Curriculum Rollout

The IDoCode program is funded by a National Science Foundation grant #1339403.

An important part of this grant is to prepare High School teachers to teach Computer Science courses in their local High School. The Exploring Computer Science (ECS) course provides a great opportunity to introduce students to computer science concepts. While the AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) course expands the students knowledge and provides opportunities for concurrent enrollment and High School Math or Science credit for graduation. Both courses are designed to be engaging to a wide range of high school students.

As an MS in STEM Education with Computer Science emphasis or Computer Science Teacher Endorsement graduate certificate student, you are on the path to teach the new courses. Once you have completed the CS 501 course, you are well on your way to be prepared to teach the ECS course. By the time you have completed CS 503 you have the foundation to teach AP CSP.

The MS STEM and Graduate Certificate students are a critical link to roll out the new CS curriculum to their High School. The teacher will take the lead working with their principal to Pilot the new courses in their school, using the process laid out by their school district.  Your Boise State IDoCode staff are willing to assist you in working with your district/principal to evaluate the new curriculum and promote the courses to your students.

This presents each IDoCode grant award recipient with a great opportunity to be among the first in their districts to pilot the new courses in one or more High Schools.

NOTE: Start the Pilot Course Application Process early as some districts have an initial application deadline around the middle of October to submit a pilot course proposal for the following Fall semester.

Please contact Amit Jain or Ernie Covelli with further questions.