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Exploring Computer Science (ECS)

Exploring Computer Science (ECS), is a K-12/University national program committed to democratizing computer science knowledge by increasing learning opportunities at the high school level for all students, with a specific focus on access for traditionally underrepresented students. View an abstract of the ECS Curriculum.

The ECS Curriculum is broken into the following 6 units with detailed day by day lesson plans, exercises, assessment and related resource material.  There are a number of ways to obtain the ECS curriculum:


  • A good description of each unit can be found on the Exploring Computer Science website under “curriculum”.  Individual lesson plans can be found by selecting the link for the unit you wish to explore further.
  • There is enough material in the six units for two semesters.
  • Districts may offer ECS as a one semester course.  For a one semester course, we recommend the teacher focus the material from units 1, 2 and 4.

To learn more about the ECS program visit the ECS website.