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Exploring Computer Science (ECS)

Exploring Computer Science (ECS), is a K-12/University national program committed to democratizing computer science knowledge by increasing learning opportunities at the high school level for all students, with a specific focus on access for traditionally underrepresented students. View an abstract of the ECS Curriculum.

The ECS Curriculum is broken into the following 6 units with detailed day by day lesson plans, exercises, assessment and related resource material.  There is enough material in the six units for two semesters.   Districts may offer ECS as a one semester course.  For a one semester course, we recommend the teacher focus the material from units 1, 2 and 4.

  • Refer to the ECS web site for additional information on each section
    • Unit 1: Human Computer Interaction (4 weeks)
    • Unit 2: Problem Solving (4 weeks)
    • Unit 3: Web Design (5 weeks)
    • Unit 4: Introduction to Programming (6 weeks)
    • Unit 5: Computing and Data Analysis (6 weeks)
    • Unit 6: Robotics (7 weeks)
  • You can download the latest curriculum on the ECS web site.