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FAQ – New/Current Students

How do I apply for graduation?

For complete details on applying for graduation the student should consult their academic advisor. View the process and timeline basics.


Is there an option to do a project rather than a thesis for the MS STEM with CS emphasis?

Yes. The 2015-2016 graduate catalog added an option for a student to complete either a thesis or a project for the MS STEM program. Refer to the graduate catalog or speak to your adviser for more details.
NOTE: In order to pursue a project, the student must switch the latest catalog which provides a project option (first offered with the 2015-2016 graduate catalog).

The project has a less expectations in terms of depth. The graduate catalog does a good job of describing the difference. Check out pages 32-33 in the latest graduate catalog:


Do I need to sign any forms to receive the IDoCode tuition scholarship for the MS STEM or Graduate Certificate programs?

No, once you have been admitted into the IDoCode program as part of the Graduate Admissions process, you will receive a letter welcoming you into the program and specifying whether or not you have been awarded the IDoCode scholarship.  No other paperwork is required.

NOTE: Once you have been awarded a scholarship for the academic year Fall/Spring/Summer, you will want to “accept” the award.  Once Accepted, the award will automatically be applied in future semesters of the accepted academic year.

NOTE: Scholarships award amounts are dependent on the number of courses you have registered required for your coursework.  Thus you will register for classes first, then your IDoCode staff will determine the scholarship amount.

I see a future amount due in my account after registering for classes.  Do I need to do anything to ensure the tuition is being covered? When will my Scholarship funds be available and what is the fee payment deadline for the semester?

The IDoCode scholarship process has the following steps:

  • The student registers for classes – so the financial aid amount can be determined
  • Email Ernie Covelli a list of courses you have registered for the semester
  • The CS department will request the tuition amount be allocated to your account from the Financial Aid office by the fee payment deadline
  • Once the scholarship money is available, the students must go into PeopleSoft and accept the financial aid
    • In order for scholarship funds to be disbursed, you must access your student center and accept this award. View further instruction on how to do accept your aid or refer to the email previously sent to you by Financial Aid.
    • NOTE: Once you have been awarded a scholarship for the academic year Fall/Spring/Summer, you will want to “accept” the award.  Once Accepted, the award will automatically be applied in future semesters of the accepted academic year.
    • NOTE: If you try to accept the scholarship again, you will notice  the Accept button was checked but when you hit Submit, nothing happens.
  • Once the scholarship has been accepted, the Financial Aid will be automatically applied to your account by the fee payment deadline for the semester you have registered

If you have problems accepting or having your financial aid funds disbursed, it is best to contact the financial aid office.

What do I do if my scholarship was too much and I am receiving a refund?

You’re getting this email because you dropped a course after your CS10K scholarship was processed, this may cause the balance of this scholarship after your withdrawal to be refunded to you by check or direct deposit.

If you received a check for the balance of this scholarship, please deliver it to the Payment and Disbursement office which is located on the 1st floor of the Administration Building (the building with the big aluminum B in front of it).

If you had a direct deposit, you’ll note your scholarship amounts are going to be adjusted shortly and a balance to repay that will appear in your student account.

If you withdrew before the scholarship was processed or withdrew completely, neither of these things will probably happen to you.

In any event, please contact Jordan Morales if you have any concerns or questions.

What do I do if the registration system says I have not met the prerequisite to register for a course?

There are a few scenarios which might occur:

  • The system believes the class if full.
    • In this case, please contact the professor and request a permission number as we have some reserved spots for IDoCode scholars.
  • The system believes you have not fulfilled the prerequisites.
    • This may occur in the fall semester if you are also taking summer session courses.  For example, you may be registered to take CS 505 in the summer, but received this notification when attempting to register for CS 321 for the Fall semester.  In this situation contact the professor explain your situation and request a permission number so you can register for the class.

Do I need a special ID card to access the computer labs?

  • Yes, you will need an ID card with a proximity sensor. Please be sure to request an ID card with a proximity sensor.
  • If by chance you received a magnetic strip only card, you can take the card to the info desk to get swapped out for free.
    • NOTE: All new students pay a $25 fee for an ID card.

How do I find the textbooks required for my course?

The Boise State Bookstore makes it easy to find the exact textbooks you need for every class. For each class, simply select the Term, Department, Course and Section to see a list of the required and optional texts and materials as specified by your instructor.

If I already have the course content knowledge, can I challenge a course?

  • Yes, credit for can be granted for verifiable skills and learning gained through the experience.  Details can be found at: Credit for Prior Learning
  • You will fill out the Prior Learning form and work with your IDoCode representative to initiate the evaluation process.
  • After filling out the form, contact Dr Amit Jain to work out the details of your portfolio assessment.

What steps should I follow to pursue my Master’s Thesis?

  • More details will follow as I clarify the recommended steps.
  • Prepare for the thesis by taking the ED-CIFS 503 Fundamentals of educational research course.
  • One of the first steps is for you to identify a faculty member who is willing to sponsor you in your thesis project.  Your sponsoring faculty member will provide additional guidance.

Do I need additional field placement evaluation when adding the Computer Science Teacher Endorsement?

After finishing the CS courses in the Graduate Certificate, you would apply to the Professional Standards Committee at Boise State University. The committee will endorse the teacher to the State Department of Education based on the following:

  1. Evidence of positively evaluated teaching in current position
  2. Transcript review
  3. Pass Praxis II for available subjects(not applicable to Computer Science at present)
  4. Four observations using the Danielson Framework across a span of no less than four weeks, 2 from BSU, 2 from principal

What process should I follow to change my career path from MS in STEM Education with Computer Science Emphasis to the new Graduate Certificate – Computer Science Teacher Endorsement?

Students admitted into the MS in STEM Education with Computer Science Emphasis career path can switch into the Graduate Certificate – Computer Science Teacher Endorsement by following the process outlined below:

  • Email a brief statement of your request to switch career path to and cc: The following is a sample statement which informs us of your intent to change career paths.
    • I, < full name > , am currently in the MS in STEM Education with Computer Science Emphasis career path. It is my intent to change my career path to the new Graduate Certificate – Computer Science Teacher Endorsement.
  • Your request will be reviewed by members of the Computer Science graduate committee.
  • Once your request has been reviewed and approved, you will be notified and your request will be forwarded onto the Graduate Admissions Office to change your career path.

NOTE: You can verify your Academic Program was switched in PeopleSoft by viewing your “Academic Program” under “Records and Enrollment” -> “Career and Program Information” -> “Student Program/Plan“.

There is more than one section of the course being offered, does it matter which section I register?

The CS courses are synchronized so the material, projects, homework and exams are the same (or close enough to not make a difference). So you can choose the section that works better for your schedule.

Two things to consider when choosing a section:

  • Some sections are taught by members of the IDoCode project, so may have more direct connection to the IDoCode goals.
  • Some sections may have more IDoCode teachers registered, so you would have additional contact with members of your cohort.

Does the State Department of Education provide incentives for your High School students taking advanced opportunities?

During the 2014 Legislative Session, the Idaho Legislature passed Senate Bill 1233, which approved funds to cover of up to 75% of the cost of taking dual credit courses, college-bearing exams, or professional-technical exams.
NOTE: Idaho’s new Advanced Opportunities program, which sets aside up to $4,125 per Idaho student to use between seventh and 12th grades to pay for certain academic costs such as dual-credit classes that can run students and families hundreds of dollars.