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High School Curriculum

The following table provides a brief overview of the new Exploring Computer Science and AP Computer Science Principles course details.


  • NEWS: Starting with the 2016-2017 year new teacher endorsement codes were added:
  • Refer to the individual sections on the left panel for more details on the new courses.
  • Existing AP Computer Science A course references are provided on the left panel.

ECS and AP CSP Information at a Glance

TopicExploring Computer ScienceAP Computer Science Principles
Curriculum AvailableDownload complete ECS CurriculumAP CSP Framework

AP Launch Fall'16
Curriculum AbstractECS Abstract linkCSP Abstract link
Detailed CurriculumECS Curriculum linkCSP Curriculum link
Target StudentGrades 9-12Grades 10-12
prerequisiteNoneAlgebra II
Teacher Qualification and Assignment Codes:ISEE link

CTE link
ISEE link

CTE link
Teacher training for "elective" creditRecommend:
CS 501
or ECS workshop
CS 501 and CS 503
or CSP workshop
Teacher training for "core" creditNAMS STEM Ed CS or CS Teacher Endorsement
Course OfferingDistrict approval process required or course offered through IDLADistrict approval process required or course offered through IDLA
Concurrent Enrollment course @ BSUNACS 101
Concurrent Enrollment Teacher QualificationNAInstructor approved by BSU through application process