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Next Steps

Each school district has their own process for approving a new course. The districts we have information on generally require the following:

  • Have a teacher available to champion and teach the new course.
  • Ensure the principal is signed up for the course being offered at their school. The principal will likely need to:
    • Ensure the course aligns with the districts improvement areas.
    • Provide their support to move the process through the district approval process as needed.
  • Provide an abstract of the course syllabus for review by the District’s curriculum committee.
  • Additional follow-up may be required depending on the District process for approving a new course.

Thus to move forward with a Pilot proposal, we recommend you set up a meeting with your school Principal to review the course abstract, seek the Principal’s buy in to support the course and obtain further information on the district process for new course approval.

Please keep Amit and Ernie informed about the progress you make on the Pilot proposal. We will be happy to provide additional information and additional support as you work through the pilot process.

For example, the Boise school district has a nice summary of their Pilot Course Proposal Application.