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Computer science skills are in high demand as it has become a driving force behind many of the advances in business, science and math, and now even social sciences and art. Thus in 2014, the State Board of Education and House Education Committee approved a rule change which allows students to take dual credit computer science or AP computer science as a math or science credit versus being counted as electives – providing incentive for students to explore the field of Computer Science. To supply this demand, we need teachers that are trained to teach computer science effectively.

NOTE: The MS in STEM Education with CS emphasis is at capacity.  We recommend students interested in the IDoCode program apply for the Graduate Certificate program.  This program provides all the Computer Science credits of the MS STEM program which is required for teacher endorsement.  Qualified students in the Graduate Certificate program who obtains a faculty advisor for either a project or thesis can petition to transfer to the MS STEM program as room becomes available.

A study indicates there will be  1,000,000 more CS jobs than students by 2020. View more facts and infographics about CS jobs.

The National Science Foundation (NSF), with its long legacy of nurturing communities of research and education practitioners, is leading a transformation in CS education and learning at the national scale. NSF’s CS 10K Project aims to build the foundation needed to get engaging, rigorous academic computer science courses into 10,000 schools taught by 10,000 well-prepared teachers. To begin this, NSF has funded the development and implementation of two new computer science courses—AP Computer Science Principles (College Board Advanced Placement course starting Fall of 2016) and Exploring Computer Science. Both courses are designed to teach the fundamental concepts and big ideas of computing along with coding, and to inspire kids about computer science’s creative potential to transform society.
The White House article, “Computer Science is for Everyone!”

The NSF CS 10K program web site has links and materials from all grant recipients.