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FAQ – New Candidates

Are online class options available?

Getting the entire graduate certificate program online with comparable quality to the on-campus program would be a challenge. We see what the on-campus secondary teachers need in terms of support and interaction and so far we don’t see a way to duplicate this online. However, some online places like EdX are working on creating a mini-masters that will be online. We have been in contact with them and expect they will have good content. They may even use all of our content. However, as an online course, they do not provide much support. An online option would take a substantial commitment from the student to finish these courses in an online format.

Creating a properly supported online program would require a large amount of time investment by many faculty members which the department has not received funding. However we do keep looking for funding so this may happen sooner than later.

Is there a Computer Science Teacher Endorsement?

The Computer Science Teacher Endorsement has been approved for the Fall 2015.  This approval creates a “Graduate Certificate” for teachers who wish to obtain an SBOE/OSBE endorsement to teach Computer Science in Idaho High Schools. The Boise State University endorsement requires the teacher to successfully complete the 20 graduate computer science credits detailed in the Graduate Certificate in Computer Science Teacher Endorsement program.

How do I apply for the MS in STEM Education with CS Emphasis or the Graduate Certificate in Computer Science Teacher Endorsement?

Classes for the first cohort began Fall 2014. A second cohort will start in Summer/Fall 2015 and additional cohorts will be formed based on the demand for the program. For details on the application process and registration deadlines visit: Apply: MS in STEM Education or CS Teacher Endorsement.

I already have a Masters, am I eligible for the MS STEM program?

  • Yes, up to 1/3 of the MS STEM credits may apply from your prior relevant education or computer science coursework.
  • Contact Amit Jain to determine which of your prior Computer Sciences courses are transferable: Amit Jain, (208) 426-3821.
  • Contact Esther Enright to determine which of your prior educational courses are transferable: Esther Enright, (208) 426-1693.
    • NOTE: The education department has a seven year window which spans all coursework required for the masters from the first course to finishing your degree.

What are the goals of the CS 10K program at BSU?

  • Provide Computer Science training and curriculum to high schools teachers to bring the CS lessons to the High Schools.  Our goal is to train 30-40 Idaho teachers over the grant period.
  • Provide support through workshops for teachers and students.
  • Assist with outreach activities to attract a diverse group of student into the new Exploring Computer Science and Computer Science Principles classes.

How do I learn more about the NSF CS 10K Grant at BSU?

  • An overview of the CS10K grant award can be found on the NSF site.
  • For more information contact any of the Principal Investigators listed in the Contact Us Section.

Will classes be offered in the afternoon and evenings?

Yes, classes will be scheduled 4:30 or later to accommodate a teachers’ schedule. Classes will also be offered during the summer.

How do I find the textbooks required for my course?

The Boise State Bookstore makes it easy to find the exact textbooks you need for every class. For each class, simply select the Term, Department, Course and Section to see a list of the required and optional texts and materials as specified by your instructor.

I teach K-8, can I be considered for the MS STEM grant?

No, the scholarship is only for teachers teaching in the secondary grades.  A K-8 certificate does not allow you to teach HS in the state of Idaho.