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Engineering Computer Labs and Teaching Consoles

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There are several computer lab/classrooms designed to provide the specialized support needed by engineering students.

COEN’s Information Technology department administers these labs and consists of four full-time System Administrators who are responsible for the support and installation of hardware and software.

Instructors may fill out the software request form and submit to the IT department if additional changes in a lab are required.  Email submissions to the group are welcome:

Changes may not be addressed until there is a break in use of the systems, however.  All computer labs are heavily scheduled throughout semesters, including traditional break periods with outreach activities and/or summer courses.

See additional information regarding HPC resources at the college.

Graphic image of a computer and storage deviceGeneral Lab Information

Cadence University Program
Windows Labs – Computer FAQs
Windows Labs – Software List
Computer Labs – Printers
Computer Labs – Usage Rules




WINDOWS Computer Labs

RUCH 212 – Thirty eight Windows computers available to Engineering Students, Faculty and Staff, only; Lab open from 6 AM to 10 PM. Available 7 days per week (same as building hours).

RUCH 213 – COEN Classroom computer lab (teaching resource, not an open lab)***

RUCH 215 – For ENGR 120

RUCH 238  – COEN Classroom computer lab (teaching resource, not an open lab)***

RUCH 239 – ECE Lab (Electrical Engineering, only)***

RUCH 312 – ECE Lab (Electrical Engineering, only)***

RUCH 336 – MBE Mechatronics Lab (Mechanical Engineering, only)

RUCH 337 – ECE Lab (Electrical Engineering, only)***

ERB 3100 – CE Lab (Civil Engineering, only)***

***RUCH 213, 238, 239, and 312  Computer Labs are dual-boot Windows 10 and Linux (CentOS) labs***


Remote Access WINDOWS Computer Labs:

Linux Computer Labs

Computer Science (CS) Department resources: 

CS Metageek Lab – City Center Plaza room 240

Computer Science Tutoring Center  (two locations):

    • The Kount Tutoring Center  (downtown) City Center Plaza room 241


  • RUCH 111 (satellite resource located on the main campus)

***Only students currently enrolled in the Computer Science Program at the College of Engineering may have access to the Metageek/Onyx2 systems.  

CS Tutoring Centers are available to students enrolled in Computer Science courses, but available to non-CS degree seeking students. 

Electrical Engineering (ECE) Department resources:

RUCH 239, 312  and 337 are dual-boot Windows 10 and Linux (CentOS) labs

For more detailed ECE Department Academic and Research Computing Resources visit:

Available Linux Systems For ALL engineering students:

RUCH 238 COEN Computer Lab is a dual-boot Windows 10 and Linux (CentOS) lab


COEN ITS Supported Classrooms

The following are classrooms (not computer labs) and have a Windows console available for instruction:

RUCH 335

MEC 201 (also a conference room)

MEC 301 (also a conference room)

OIT-Supported Classrooms

The following are classrooms (not computer labs) and have a Windows console available for instruction:

RUCH 103
RUCH 110
RUCH 313
RUCH 314
MEC 106
MEC 114
MEC 307
MEC 309


Generic lab accounts such as ET212, ET313 and ET238 are available in COEN labs.  A reminder on the security enhancements for these generic accounts:

·         The accounts will not be available from 9pm to 6am. During this time frame students, faculty and staff may login to any of the lab workstations using their own BroncoWeb credentials.

·         Each lab’s generic account will only be accessible in the specific lab it was created for (ex: ET212 will only be available in the RUCH212 lab).

BroncoPrint is Available in RUCH 212, RUCH 213 and RUCH238 Windows LABS

BroncoPrint is Available in RUCH 212, RUCH 213, and RUCH 238 Windows LABS

For more information about BroncoPrint, please refer to the following:


Contact the OIT Help Desk for BroncoPrint assistance at 426-HELP, email: