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Internship for Freshman, Sophomore or Junior

Internship for Freshman, Sophomore or Junior

Here’s an internship posting suitable for freshman/sophomores:

Data Process Support Specialist
iVinci Health is a Boise-based company that provides business intelligence software and payment solutions to health systems nationally.  We have an part-time position available to help us monitor and manage our data processes.  The work would mostly be limited to Saturday and Sunday mornings.  This could be a great way to earn some extra money while gaining experience with a local software company, which could lead to longer term opportunities.

Job Responsibilities
iVinci Health offers several software products to its hospital clients, all delivered via the web.  Each one of these products is highly data intensive and normally requires files and other data elements to be transferred between iVinci the hospitals; we monitor these processes on a daily basis.  In addition, there are other business processes that we support that we monitor either through our software application or other means.  
We are looking for someone to monitor these processes on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  We will provide the requisite training and support to the successful candidate.
As an additional opportunity, many of these processes have potential to be automated through software tools.  Ideally the successful candidate will help us automate these processes by applying his or her ability in writing software code. 

Minimum Position Requirements:

  • Computer Science Majors; either freshman, sophomore or junior year preferred
  • Some software development knowledge and skill
  • Ability to work weekends with some flexibility to work during the week
  • Process and detail-oriented – must possess basic process management skills
  • Good communicator – able to communicate well both in writing and verbally
The position will be on a contract basis, paid hourly.  
Application deadline is Wednesday September 18, 2013
Please send a resume to  c a r e e r s   a t   i v i n c i h e a l t h . c o m
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