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FirstToFile, a locally started software company, is looking for CS interns! See details below. They would prefer students graduating in Spring or Summer but go ahead and apply if you are graduating next Fall (especially if have taken/taking either Web dev or Android class)

They can send their resumes to me and I’ll get them to the team. We are looking for potential developers, preferably those with a passion for and knowledge of Javascript, front-end UI and/or mobile app development for Android and iOS. Ideally, we’d have interns who graduate in the Spring or Summer of next year and then hire them on full-time if they are the right fit.

Michela Swarthout
m s w a r t h o u t   AT   f i r s t t o f i l e . c o m

First to File, Inc- A CPA Global company
251 E. Front St. Suite 301
Boise, ID 83702

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