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CS Internships


  • PeopleSoft will allow you to enroll after your internship application is approved
  • As with any other course, BSU will charge you when you enroll
  • An internship cannot be used for an undergraduate CS elective
  • An internship will count toward your graduate degree if your advisor approves and incorporates it in your degree program
  • A term paper (see below) is required and you will receive a Pass/Fail grade


Employers may wish to visit,  Students may be paid, receive academic credit or both in consideration of their internship.  If your student will not be receiving academic credit, it’s “just a job” and the CS department is not involved.  You might consider posting your job opening at the locations noted below.

Finding or Posting a Job Opening

Many intern positions for Computer Science majors maybe found at Bronco Jobs.  You may also wish to consider,

International Students

International student off-campus employment is subject to U.S. government policies,  An academic internship is required if you need it for a general elective; otherwise an internship is not a required course for undergraduate CS students.  The International Student Office may limit the number of credit hours you are allowed to receive.  Please contact the International Student Office for additional details regarding academic internships.

An internship is required for a graduate student if their academic program includes it; contact your graduate advisor for more information.  

Undergraduate Credit

To be eligible for undergraduate academic credit:

  • Internship work must be related to Computer Science (the “Description of Internship Duties and Learning Objectives” must describe software programming or testing activities — making coffee, writing documentation, writing static HTML, or building a WordPress site will not qualify)
  • You must have a grade-point average of 2.00 or better
  • No more than 12 internship credits may be applied toward an undergraduate degree.  In practice, the Four Year Plan for many undergraduate students requires no more than 5 hours of “General Elective” credit; your advisor can help you determine if you need “General Elective” credits.  
  • Internship credit cannot be used to fulfill a Computer Science Elective

Undergraduate credit is offered at two levels, CS293 for freshmen and sophomores, and CS493 for juniors and seniors.  You will typically receive about one hour of academic credit for each three hours/week worked in a technical (software development) job throughout the semester.  Please review the BSU policies at,  Note that,  “Internship credit is considered academic credit and will be billed as such depending upon your part- or full-time status during the semester you are participating in the internship.”

Graduate Credit

Graduate credit is offered as CS590.  A higher standard will be used to determine if your work qualifies; ideally, you should be working on new product research and development.  The application process (below) configures PeopleSoft to offer the course to you, but it does not ensure the course counts toward your graduation.  You are responsible for meeting with your graduate advisor to incorporate CS590 into your academic program (just as you would for any other 500-level course that interests you).

When Can I Register?

You must register for internship credit (see process below) by the “Last day to add undergraduate internship and independent study” on the registrar’s academic calendar for the term in which you will receive credit.  This date is usually about one month into the semester.

Internship Application Process

  1. Start the application process at the BSU Career Center.  The “Description of Internship Duties and Learning Objectives” section of your application must clearly identify how your internship relates to your Computer Science major by describing the computer programs, languages, tests, or other software development activities you will perform during your internship.
  2. The Career Center will notify me when your application is ready for approval by the Computer Science Department.    I reject applications lacking a documented relation to Computer Science as noted above.
  3. The Career Center will eMail a request-for-approval to your employer.
  4. Within a day or two after the Career Center receives the approvals, PeopleSoft should offer CS293, CS493 or CS590 to you as appropriate.
  5. Register for class prior to the “Last day to add undergraduate internship or independent study” identified in the registrar’s Academic Calendar.
  6. Do your internship
  7. Write your term paper (see below) and submit it via Blackboard

Grading and Term Paper

Prior to the last day of classroom instruction, you must submit a short term paper (about 2 pages per hour of credit) describing what you completed during your internship.  Your paper must have the following sections:

  1.  Introduction (describing your company’s business without disclosing your employer’s trade secrets)
  2. Accomplishments (a high-level view of what you did during your internship — identify the programming languages, number of hours worked, operating systems, open source software, frameworks, software development tools, testing activities, etc used in your internship)
  3. Learnings (describe what you learned, these may include a new programming language or development environment, or it may be a soft skill such as working with a distributed team whose members you never saw face-to-face).  Describe your accomplishments in general terms, omitting your employer’s trade secrets.

I grade all internship papers Pass/Fail.