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Dr. Jim Conrad, Assistant Clinical Professor

Jim worked in the computer industry where he served as a software engineer, engineer-scientist and R&D Project Manager. This was a dynamic period offering opportunities to contribute to the initial implementation of the Internet in a PC operating system, the LAN Manager/X Server (SAMBA’s predecessor), color printing, and network printing.  Jim was responsible for many aspects of commercial product development including specification, design, programming, testing, test strategy, metrics, scheduling, lifecycle, people management, and recruiting.  After eight years of adjuncting part-time, Jim joined the full-time Computer Science faculty at Boise State University in 2012.


Systems Programming, Software Engineering, Agile Development and Software Metrics
Treasure Valley YMCA and outdoor activities


BSEE University of Missouri — Rolla (now the Missouri University of Science and Technology)
MSCS University of Idaho
PhD CS University of Idaho


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