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Gunes Uzer
Assistant Professor

Dr. Uzer is the director of the Mechanical Adaptations Laboratory, focused on identifying relevant components of mechanical signals that modulate a wide variety of musculoskeletal functions. In his free time Dr. Uzer enjoys anything technology and outdoor sports.

Scott Birks
Graduate Student

Scott completed his BS in Chemistry with a Biochemistry specialization from Central Washington University in 2014. Until joining graduate school he worked in antibody industry. He is currently working on how stem cell structure regulates their mechanosignaling. Outside of the lab interests include playing piano and anything outdoors, especially hiking.
Matthew Goelzer
Graduate Student

Matthew Graduated from Oral Roberts University in 2017 with an undergraduate degree in Biology where he researched the use of CRISPR as a potential cancer treatment. Matthew is working on stem cell nuclear organization and fate selection. In his spare time Matthew enjoys backpacking, snowshoeing, and cooking.
Josh Newberg
Graduate Student

Josh is a Mechanical Engineer who joined in MAL in Fall 2017 as a research intern and now moved on to graduate school, he is working on mechanical regulation of cell structure.
Alexander Regner
Graduate Student

Alex completed his BS in Mechanical engineering and currently is a graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering. He works on replicating bone marrow mechanics and teaches fluid mechanics in his spare time.
Kali Woods
Graduate Student

Kali is a Bioengineer who is joining us from Biomolecular Sciences graduate program. She studies combined effects of microgravity and radiation in stem cells.
Matt Thompson
Undergraduate Researcher / Accelerated Masters Program

Matt is a senior and a accelerated master program student in Mechanical Engineering. He is working on the how mechanical signals regulate YAP/TAZ signaling in stem cells.

Stacie Loisate
Research Assistant

Stacie joined our lab as a senior in Biology and decided to stay in the lab as research assistant. She studies YAP/TAZ signaling in stem cells.
Future Lab Member

Don't be shy! We are always looking for talented students and researchers to join our team.

Past Researchers

Brian Hoettels
Research Technician
12/16 - 7/17
Richard Beard
Assistant Research Professor
12/16 - 5/17
Michael Abend
MS Student
1/17 - 12/17
Ryan Byrd
Undergraduate Researcher
5/17 - 12/17
AnnaGrace Blomquist
Summer Research Fellow
5/17 - 8/17
Andrea Carrizales
HERC Research Fellow
9/17 - 12/17
Hallie Touchstone
Undergraduate Researcher
12/16 - 5/18
Conner Patricelli
Undergraduate Researcher
5/17 - 5/18
Brayan Vazquez
HERC Research Fellow
5/118 - 8/18