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Invited Seminar Talks

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  1. From Memristors to Radiation Sensing Performance of Chalcogenide Glasses talk given at a seminar at the Department of Physics at Austin Peay State University on 02. 16. 2016
  2. Chalcogenide Glasses – Material Research, Engineering and Development for Memory and Radiation Sensing Application talk given at the Department of Physical Chemistry at the University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria 07. 04. 2013.
  3. Expansion of the Application of Chalcogenode Glasses for Establishment of Radiation Doses through Electrical measurements talk given at a seminar at the Department of Electrical engineering at the University of Idaho 03. 17. 2013.
  4. Structural Details of Silver-doped Chalcogenide Glasses and their Application for Nanoionic Nonvolatile Memory and Radiation Sensing Devices – talk given at a seminar at the Japanese Atom Energy Agency on 06. 01. 2012.
  5. Series of Lectures Related to the Structure, Properties and Application of Diverse Materials for Redoxy Conductive Bridge Memristive Non-volatile Memory – series of talks given at Micron Technology Inc. September – October 2011
  6. From Floppy to Stressed Rigid – Structural Specifics of Sputtered Chalcogenide Glasses – seminar talk given at the Department of Physics at Ohio University on 05. 14. 2010.
  7. ReRAM – Where is the Technology Now? (review) talk given at Adesto Technology Inc. on 03. 20. 2009.
  8. Non-volatile Electrochemical Memory Storage – Science, Technology and Multi-level Cell Integrated Circuit Design – talk given at JPL NASA on 05.15.2009.
  9. Nanoionic Non-volatile Electrochemical Memory Storage – Design and Threshold Voltage Control – talk given at the seminar of the Department of Electrical Engineering at University of Idaho on 10. 29. 2009.
  10. Non-volatile Nano-ionic Memory Storage – Science and Materials Engineering – talk given at Micron Technology Inc. on 11.13. 2009.
  11. Nano-ionic Conductive Bridge Non-volatile Memory – Materials Science and Engineering talk given at the seminar in the Center for Solid State Electronics Research , Arizona State University on 03. 15. 2008.
  12. Nano-ionic Conductive Bridge Non-volatile Memory – are the Conventional CMOS Materials Good for it? –talk given at the COEN seminar at Boise State University on 03. 20. 2008.
  13. Programmable Metallization Cell Technologies – Materials Research and Engineering – talk given at Adesto Technology Inc. on 05.03. 2007.
  14. Ag Doped Chalcogenide Glasses – Science, Engineering and Application for Non-Volatile Memory – talk given at the MSE department seminar at BSUon 09. 21. 2007

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