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HERC Research Fellowship for Spring 2019

The HERC Research Fellowship for Spring 2019 is now accepting applications from students and faculty mentors. HERC fellowships provide a $3,000 research stipend to undergraduate students to participate in a semester long research experience. HERC fellowships are awarded to students who have not had a formal research experience. 

All STEM students (including students majoring in Health Sciences and the Social Sciences) are eligible to apply. 

Important steps to apply:

  1. Students and Faculty mentors must both apply in order to receive HERC funding. Faculty are instructed to nominate a student they wish to work with in their application. 
  1. Deadline to apply is Nov. 9th. An undergraduate research committee will review the applications and make a decision by late November. 


Catherine Bates
SWID B2B Program Manager
STEM Diversity & LSAMP Coordinator
Boise State University
Phone: 208-426-1701
Office: Academic Career Services Building (ACCS) room 104

To schedule an appointment, go to:


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