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Check out an MSE elective option

Check out an MSE elective option

MSE 397/CHEM 397: Fundamentals of Polymer Science

Dr. Scott PhillipsInstructor: Dr. Scott Phillips (
Time: Monday/Wednesday 12:00 – 1:15 pm

Have you ever wondered why certain plastics become brittle and rubbers crack, yet other plastics accumulate in the environment and last for years? Do you wish that you could design plastics and polymer-based textiles and composite materials? If so, then MSE 397/CHEM 397 may be a course for you. This course will focus on the organic chemistry of soft materials, but will teach the organic chemistry in the context of various classes of soft materials. Only knowledge of general chemistry is required for this course since the concepts of organic chemistry will be weaved throughout discussions of soft materials. At the end of the course, you will have an understanding of how polymers are made, how materials are prepared from polymers, and how plastics age, degrade, and are recycled. You will also gain an appreciation for how polymer structure relates to the function of soft materials, and you will build a foundation for designing your own polymers and soft materials. (3 credits).

Contact Dr. Phillips with any questions.

This course is pre-approved as an ME technical elective.

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