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Don’t think you’re too young

Don’t think you’re too young

Taking advantage of opportunities just comes naturally to Nick Johnson.

Nick Johnson examines some of the electronics on the 4-tank control system

Nick Johnson is a home-grown Idaho student. Graduating from Borah High School, he says his father, an airplane mechanic, was his greatest inspiration for getting into engineering, and Boise State was a great place to jump in.

And jump in he did! Nick is currently a senior working on his capstone project—a portable working model of a hydroelectric dam to be used for Idaho Power education programs. Outside of classes, Nick also serves on the ME department Student Advisory Board, is the Design Chair for the Society of Women Engineers organization, and works for the Industrial Assessment Center on campus.

Nick’s academic progress is commendable, though he does note that his greatest challenge was in Heat Transfer. “Theory and formulas can get complicated,” he says. “Practical application comes much easier.”

Nick looks ahead to a career where efficiency and design work are prominent players. “I like problem-solving and seeing how I can get things to run better.”

When asked about his greatest accomplishment, Nick immediately smiles and talks about the 4 tank control system he built in his junior year for the College’s Cyber-security program.

“I really enjoyed the challenge of working on the project and solving some real problems. It feels good to see things come together.”

Nick isn’t slacking off in his last semester. With courses in Advanced Mechanics of Materials, Computer Aided Design, and Production Engineering, Nick will also complete his Senior Design capstone this semester and present at the Showcase event on May 2.

Nick’s advice to new engineering students

Nick stands next to the full 4-tank control system unit.
  • You may think you have no time, but you have so much time! Get involved in at least one club now. Get in the habit now to be involved.
  • Study for every test—even the ones you feel good about.
  • Reach out to professors about research. Don’t think you’re too young in your career.
  • Build relationships with your professors. They’ll be the ones helping you get a job!
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