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How our undergraduates get ahead in pursuing their graduate degrees

Boise State mechanical engineering students are earning graduate credit before they complete their undergraduate degrees!

The Accelerated Master program offers qualified undergraduates a “fast-track” option to pursue their graduate degree (in Mechanical Engineering).  Students accepted into the program can register for up to three graduate courses during the last two semesters of their bachelor’s degree program, all of which apply towards master’s degree requirements. In addition, two of the graduate courses count towards the three technical electives required to obtain a bachelor’s degree. A clear benefit of the program is that two graduate courses (6 credits) will count towards both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, giving students the flexibility to receive their master’s degree with one more year of study beyond their bachelor’s degree.

Initiated in 2014, the program has helped several of our students get a head start. We’re proud of these four Accelerated Masters students who received their graduate degrees in winter commencement!

Erika Ramirez

BS Mechanical Engineering (FA17)

Thesis: Factors affecting Patellar Bone Strain in Patient with Crouch Gait 

Oliver Alvarez

BS Mechanical Engineering (SP17)

Thesis: A Computational Approach to Optimize Surgical Intervention for Patients with Recurrent Patellar Dislocation on a Subject-Specific Basis

Madison Krentz

BS Mechanical Engineering (SP17)

Thesis: High-Cycle Fatigue Properties of the Human Meniscus 

Derek Nesbitt

Derek Nesbitt

BS Mechanical Engineering (SP17)

Thesis: Effect of Age and Fiber Orientation on Localized Tensile Failure Behavior in Human Meniscus

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