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Seniors make it REAL!

Seniors make it REAL!

Highlights from the Fall 2018 Senior Design Showcase!

It all culminates in this one event. The time when our seniors demonstrate they have what it takes and prove it with tangible results!

Each semester, the Senior Design Showcase gives our graduating seniors the opportunity to show their talents in design and problem-solving as they work with industry sponsors to create real-world solutions.

“We couldn’t do this without our sponsors,” said program coordinator Gus Engstrom. “Working with an actual company to solve a problem in their industry forces our students to translate their learning from theoretical to actual applications. It’s the next step in moving them toward being engineering professionals.”

“Sometimes the biggest challenge is figuring out just what the sponsor is asking for,” said one student. “Because they already know their industry, we have to learn to speak their language.”

The Fall Showcase featured such diverse projects as:

  • design of an air baffle to optimize airflow in a food processing plant
  • development of a product to keep fish fresh during shipment
  • creation of a device to effectively finish coil binding processes
  • construction of a 12’ rotating platform for events and shows
  • prototype a tool to work with industrial robot arms
  • effect improvements in a gas filter production line
  • present a new and safer method for working on heavy snow equipment
  • a device to manipulate 3000 pound crates of potatoes
  • alter the frame geometry of a UTV to incorporate removable portable generators
  • develop a table-top furnace for use in teaching thermal expansion

The Spring 2019 Showcase will be Thursday, May 2 from 3:00—6:00 p.m. in the Ruch Engineering Building. Mark your calendars!

Sponsor a Senior Design Team!

Visitors looking at the rotating dance floor project from the winter 2018 Senior Design Showcase.

Here’s your chance to work with incredibly creative young engineers to solve a problem in your industry and provide them experience in problem-solving in the real world. To find out more, contact our faculty to discuss how you can partner with our students.

  • Lynn Catlin 208.426.4088
  • Gus Engstrom 208.426.2360
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