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Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics course for fall

Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics, Fall 2019, Prof. Kevin Ausman

Spontaneous reactions may happen rapidly, like explosions or acid-base neutralization, slowly, like fermentation or the formation of coal, or effectively not at all, like the conversion of diamond to graphite or the oxidation of passivated aluminum. In this class you will learn:

  • how to measure reaction rates,
  • how to use those rates to determine reaction mechanisms,
  • how molecular properties and behaviors govern reaction rates, and
  • how to experimentally and computationally probe those properties and behaviors.

Modern computational tools such as Mathematica™ and Gaussian™ will be used occasionally throughout the course, although no prior experience with these tools will be assumed.

This course is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. If you are a senior, you may apply up to two 500-level (graduate) courses toward the credit requirements for an undergraduate degree. You may also count these courses toward the 40-credit requirement for upper-division courses. To do so, complete the form, “Permit for Seniors to Take Graduate Courses.”

Prerequisites: CHEM 322 or PHYS 309 or permission of instructor (some courses in MSE, ECE, ME, or GEOS, for example, may provide sufficient background).

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