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VAR Scent is a Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) course offered by the University to students looking for an opportunity to work on a team developing a product. VAR Scent is currently engineering a system for delivering scent in a VR setting. We are currently looking for students with abilities that could help us continue our development and research.

Out team believes that students in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering have some valuable skills to offer to our project, and we would be delighted to share more information with you.


Peter Mullner ( or John Bieter (

What is VIP?

Class Description

VAR Scent commercializes a virtual or/and augmented reality device incorporating smell and microfluidics technology. Students will analyze customer needs and markets, design mechanical and electrical components, write computer programs, develop policies, build prototypes, raise funds, and much more. VIP Coaches: Dr. John Bieter (History) and Dr. Peter Mullner (Engineering) Team meetings: TBD.

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