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ICUR 2019

July 30-31, 2019 – Simplot Ballroom, Boise State Student Union Building

The Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research (ICUR) is a celebration showcasing the leading edge of undergraduate research in all disciplines. The mission of ICUR is to promote mentored undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity in Idaho in all disciplines. The goals of ICUR are to promote the engagement of undergraduate students from multiple disciplines in research, to build an extended scholarly community across institutional boundaries in Idaho and to ensure diversity in institutional representation, discipline, and students’ background.

The Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Department is excited to see our students involved with at least 13 different poster presentations this year. Congratulations to you all!

Poster Presentations

T4 The Impact of Virtual Office Hours in Engineering
Student: Brookelynn C. Andrade
Faculty: Dr. Krishna Pakala (Mentor), Dr. Diana Bairaktarova, Dr. Devshikha Bose, Doug Hagemeier, Dr. Harish Subbaraman

T13 Optimization of Alnico’s Processing Route to Enhance Magnetic Properties
Student: Omar Betancourt
Faculty: Dr. Mahmood Mamivand (mentor)

T24 Water Adaptive Limber Locomotive Effector (WALL-E)
Students: Ryan J. Caldwell, Robbie DeLeon, Carlo Frode, Spencer Hill, Braden Robinson, Elliot Sherrow, Terek Zimmerman
Faculty: Dr. Steve Swanson (Mentor), Gus Engstrom (Mentor), Megan Gambs (Mentor), Dr. Gunes Uzer (Mentor)

T32 Median Frequency Shift of EMG During Prolonged Load Carriage
Student: Fred W. Christensen, Micah D. Drew, Samantha M. Daz
Faculty: Dr. Tyler N. Brown (Mentor)

T67 Single Crystal Casting
Students: Zoe E. Hern, Ali Mustafa, Brent Johnston
Faculty: Dr. Peter Müllner (Mentor)

T87 Understanding the Effects of Plasma Parameters on Plasma-jet Printed Material Films
Students: Kyle D. Kramer, Jessica Carlson, Joe McCarver, Cory RavenCroft, Adam Croteau, Jacob Tenorio, Zeke Kennedy, Amanda White
Faculty: Dr. Nirmala Kandadai (Mentor), Dr. David Estrada (Mentor), Dr. Don Plumlee (Mentor), Dr. Jim Browning (Mentor), Dr. Harish Subbaraman (Mentor)

T88 The Statistical Model of the Interaction Between Imaging and Biological Factors in the Osteoarthritis Initiative Database
Student: Zuly Lapa
Faculty: Dr. Clare K. Fitzpatrick (Mentor)

W11 Physical Alterations of CSG Using Auto CAD
Students: Dalton J. Moone, Amanda White
Faculty: Dr. David Estrada (Mentor), Dr. Liz Godwin (Mentor)

W45 Effective Seals for Magnetic Shape Memory Microfluidic Pumps: Pressure Vs. Elastomer
Students: Sierra A. Sandison
Faculty: Andrew Armstrong (Mentor), Dr. Peter Müllner (Mentor), Dr. Paul Lindquist (Mentor)

W74 A Study of Transcriptional Activation by the Transcription Factor Gal4 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by 3D Orbital Tracking and in vivo RNA Labelling
Students: Iris Torres, Abigail Figueroa
Faculty: Dr. Michael Pool, Dr. Matthew L. Ferguson (Mentor)

W75 Finite Element Modeling of Phase Transition in Zirconia Using MOOSE
Students: Matthew Trappett, Morgan M. Diefendorf
Faculty: Dr. Mahmood Mamivand (Mentor)

W83 Rotating Magnetic Field Control System for a Motionless Magnetic Shape Memory Micropump
Students: Ian D. Varie, Brent Johnston
Faculty: Dr. Peter Müllner (Mentor)

W95 Automated Segmentation of the Knee Using a Convolutional Neural Network
Students: Donovan W. Wright, Oliver Alvarez
Faculty: Dr. Clare K. Fitzpatrick (Mentor)

Names in bold are students and faculty of the Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Department.

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