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Thesis Defense – Adelle Milholland

Effect of Corrective Surgery on Lower Limb Mechanics in Patients with Crouch Gait

August 21st, 2019 at 9:00am in MEC 301

Crouch gait is a common gait deviation associated with cerebral palsy that frequently requires surgical intervention. Crouch gait can vary widely from patient to patient and surgical treatments must be specifically tailored to an individual. To date, there is no agreed-upon golden standard method for selecting procedures. The goal of my project is to compare the results of different surgeries used to treat crouch gait. I created finite element models of patients before and after surgery then modified post-surgery models to mimic different procedures. The quadriceps and hamstrings of the models are controlled with a proportional-integral control script and the forces required to achieve targeted kinematics are compared.

About the presenter

Adelle Milholland

Adelle Milholland grew up in Boise after moving here as a child. She has always loved math and science, so when she started looking at colleges, she knew she wanted something with a strong engineering program. She ultimately selected Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. She got a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering and for her senior project, she created a model heart that would light up patterns matched with EKG waves to be used as a teaching tool for medical students. After she graduated, she wanted to return to the northwest. When she started looking into continuing her education she was intrigued by the biomedical focus of the Mechanical Engineering department. She was accepted as a graduate student under Dr. Clare Fitzpatrick to work in the Computational Biosciences Laboratory.

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