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SCUDEM IV 2019 Registration

You are invited to participate in the SCUDEM IV 2019 – SIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equations Modeling to be held November 1-9, 2019. Participation in SCUDEM is beneficial for students, resulting in increases in student self-efficacy for doing modeling with mathematics.

Registration for SCUDEM IV 2019 is open September 1 through October 25, 2019.

Highlights of SCUDEM IV 2019:

  • Student teams will select one of three problems from (1) physical sciences/engineering, (2) life sciences/chemistry, and (3) social sciences and develop a model for presentation on Challenge Saturday at a local site near their home campus.
  • In addition to immediate feedback on their models, students will hear other student presentations, meet with students who have developed a model of their own, participate in a fun MathBowl, and grow in their personal understanding and practice of the modeling process.
  • For faculty, there is a rich Faculty Development program to encourage and support the use of modeling in teaching differential equations with activities and many examples, as well as a chance to meet with other like-minded faculty.
  • For students, this is an opportunity to practice applying the mathematics they are learning in a fun and engaging manner and to meet other students who are also learning to apply their mathematics. Join the fun, accept the challenge, do the modeling!

This is the fourth SCUDEM event. Past SCUDEM event results, including statements of problems, student submissions, and problem author comments are posted here with other results.


Registration for SCUDEM IV 2019 runs from 1 September through 25 October 2019. Registration fee for each coach-team pairing is $100 US and is free in developing countries as part of SIMIODE’s outreach efforts.

If you have questions please contact us at

Visit us to learn more about SIMIODE and what we offer you and your students in support of using modeling to motivate and teach differential equations.Thank you.

Brian Winkel, Director SIMIODE

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