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Internships at Idaho Power

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We have learned that Idaho Power is offering two summer internship opportunities for which mechanical engineers are being considered. Please look at Aeolian Vibration Failure Analysis and Mitigation Plan (listed as Electrical, but Mechanicals will be considered) and Energy Efficiency, Customer Projects Engineer (Mechanical). Following is the official announcement.

Internship Opportunities

Pay: $22.00

Idaho Power — headquartered in vibrant Boise, Idaho – is looking for Engineer Interns for our 2020 Summer Internship Program. Through this experience, students are provided the opportunity to improve their basic work skills, test career choices, develop professional competencies, and witness classroom theories and principles being applied in real-world situation.

It’s an exciting time to work for an energy company, especially Idaho Power. We recently announced a goal of 100% clean energy by 2045. Our work plays a critical role in society and in the communities we serve across Idaho and Oregon.

For this role, the ideal candidate will be currently enrolled in an accredited program as a sophomore, junior, or non-graduating senior status. The Internship generally last three to four months, beginning in May/June and ending in August/September, depending on the student’s school schedule.

To apply online and be considered for this position, please visit our Careers Page between 10/21 and 11/4.

Electrical Engineering Opportunities

Jordan Valley Microgrid

Idaho Power Company (IPC) is building its first microgrid in Jordan Valley. The microgrid will consist of a solar array, a utility-scale energy storage system, remote-controlled switches, inverter controllers, and communications. These elements will combine to provide power to critical load within the community in the event the transmission line that serves the community has a prolonged outage. The intern will contribute to the simulation and design of the microgrid. The results of the simulation will be used to set the parameters of the microgrid controllers and protective relays needed to operate the microgrid.

System modeling and long-term growth forecasting

Idaho Power uses several techniques to model system growth, capacity constraints, and reliability. The shift away from fossil fuels is driving technological changes such as distributed energy resources, electric vehicles, and smart grid devices. These changes are expected to impact the existing system models and the long-term regional electrical plans. The intern will have the opportunity to research and perform engineering studies to determine how these trends impact existing system models and the long-term forecasting process. The intern will also suggest and test improvements to the system modeling tools which will more accurately reflect the changing distribution system. The intern will collaborate with application developers to implement their improvements.

Aeolian Vibration Failure Analysis and Mitigation Plan

Conductors used for overhead distribution are subjected to movement and motions caused by the wind. Aeolian Vibration is a type of conductor motion that is high in frequency and vertical. It is a normal conductor motion but can cause conductor fatigue and fracture when the amplitude is greater than the conductor diameter. This project involves studying the effects of Aeolian Vibration on different types of conductors used on Idaho Power’s distribution system and the role that connectors, insulators, structure type, and span length play in fatigue and fractures. Key deliverables will be to analyze areas that have experienced failures to develop a mitigation strategy to prevent future problems. Modelling and analysis of wind and GIS data will be used to identify specific geographical areas with high probability of experiencing failure which will be used to develop a proactive methodology for eliminating potential failures. The project will require the intern to provide recommendations for modelling software and line monitors that can be used to confirm the severity of Aeolian Vibration.

Advanced Distribution Modeling and Analysis

Idaho Power analyzes the dynamic distribution power system with detailed GIS based models. These models are built with Synergi Electric modeling and analysis software and include detailed representations of the physical distribution system assets starting at the substation out to all Idaho Power customers, customer load profiles and control settings for protective devices and voltage regulating equipment. The intern will work directly with Reliability Engineers and others to validate feeder breaker relay models and settings. Using this model data and software, the intern will calculate and update arc flash incident energy values for the Idaho Power distribution system. The intern will also update substation models and create new transmission system voltage profiles using telemetered voltage data and Synergi Electric system models. Throughout the internship, field trips and other cross training opportunities will be available to help the intern learn how the distribution system operates including protective device coordination and distribution automation.

Grid Resiliency & Reliability Evaluation

The engineering intern will assist Idaho Power System Planning and Load Serving Operations with three projects: 1) Grid Resiliency – The intern will study the transmission grid, using power flow software – Power World, and determine the five to ten most severe outages (transmission lines and generators) that Idaho Power could experience. The intern will then work with operations to develop detailed operating / recovery plans and a training course for grid operators. 2) Grid Reliability – The intern will develop a long-range study to evaluate the Idaho Power bulk transmission grid in 2040. This will include identification of load growth locations, and transmission & substation solutions to meet the needs. 3) Reliability Value of Resources – The intern will collect resource reliability data and work with System Planning to quantify and compare the reliability of various resources. Through the course of the summer the intern will gain experience related to real-time system operations, modeling techniques, and power system performance requirements.

Mechanical Engineering Opportunities

Energy Efficiency, Customer Projects Engineer

Idaho Power Company (IPC) Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program provides technical assistance and financial incentives to help our industrial and commercial customers make changes to their systems and processes to decrease their electrical energy use and lower their operating costs. The most common energy efficiency projects include: compressed air, ammonia refrigeration, pumping systems, fan systems and lighting. The intern will collect and analyze data on a wide variety of industrial systems and conduct reviews of individual custom efficiency projects. The intern will also participate in customer site visits and will interface with a variety of Idaho Power’s field staff. In addition, the intern will interface with other energy efficiency program specialists and engineers to learn about other Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency offerings.

Civil Engineering Opportunities

Resource Planning and Operations

The Resource Planning and Operations intern will work with the River Engineering (RE), Stream Gaging (SG), and Operations Hydrology (OH) groups on collecting field data and then applying it to the practical applications of managing hydropower resources. The Intern will primarily assist the RE group in data collection and analysis of river and reservoir hydraulics and processes. The work will include hydraulic modeling of the river and reservoirs, collecting bathymetric, topographic, substrate, river discharge and velocity data, and monitoring sediment processes within the river system. This information will be used to evaluate flow characteristics, and the erosion and deposition of sediment within the river and reservoirs and potential construction projects. The intern will also assist the Stream Gaging group making discharge measurements using a variety of acoustic instruments and methodologies. The data collected by the stream gaging group is used to calculate near real time flow indications for Idaho Power’s operations and forecasting using our hydrologic database tools. The Intern may assist the OH group with re-calibrating hydrologic models within IPC’s hydro-forecasting system, including rainfall-runoff models, groundwater models, and models of reservoir regulation. The intern may also assist in the field collection of and analysis of groundwater data to quantify groundwater movement and aquifer characteristics. Projects with the various groups will be a mix of field data collection, data analysis, and numeric modeling that will provide the Intern a breadth of experience across the water resource discipline.

To Apply

To apply online and be considered for this position, please visit our Careers Page between 10/21 and 11/4.

Idaho Power is an Equal Opportunity Employer

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy), age, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, veteran status, physical or mental disability, marital status, and any other status protected by applicable federal and state laws.

If you have questions or require assistance or accommodation to complete the online application, please contact us at:

Phone: 208-388-2965 or

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