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When is the commencement ceremony?

The dates and schedules for commencement can be found at the University Commencement page. This page also includes information on regalia, honors, diplomas, photos, parking and more!

When is the deadline to apply for graduation?

Graduates need to apply online by the first week of the semester they plan to graduate. There is a fee to apply that pays for your diploma and other aspects of the process.

When can I walk in a commencement ceremony?

Graduates in the Fall semester can walk in the December ceremony. Those graduating in the Spring semester can walk in the May ceremony. Summer graduates cannot walk early (in May), but must wait until the December ceremony.

What color tassel do I need?

Mechanical engineering students who are receiving a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degree should wear a GOLD tassel. Students who are receiving a Master of Engineering degree should wear an ORANGE tassel. An overview of tassels can be found here: Tassel Colors for Boise State Degrees.