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Student Advisory Board

About the Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board for the Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Department serves as a representative group to assist the Department Chair. Members serve for one academic year (Fall and Spring semesters) and meet 2-3 times each semester. Some of the issues they address include:

  • Academic quality and student success issues
  • Classroom support (e.g. Peer Educators)
  • Use of professional fees
  • Technical elective offerings
  • Curriculum changes
  • Speakers and seminars (e.g. Inspire ME)
  • Equipment and materials (e.g. Machine Shop)
  • Student and faculty recognitions

Meet our 2019-2020 SAB members!

  • Dusty Gyllenberg
  • Robby Davis
  • Willem Elsdon
  • Jordyn Rogers
  • Katie Cudworth
  • Sam Anderton
  • Samanatha Schauer
  • Shelby McNeilly
  • Terek Zimmerman
  • Josh Newberg

Read more about our new members here.

Past Board Members

How Can I Join?

Elections are held each spring semester for the following academic year. Students may nominate themselves or someone else; all nominees will be verified on willingness to serve. All ME and Pre-ME students can vote on their representatives. The Board will ideally include: two Sophomores, two juniors, two seniors, one alumnus. Watch for emails from the MBE program on upcoming elections.

For more information on the Student Advisory Board, contact Justin Larson.