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Getting Started

So you want to major in Mechanical Engineering? There are a few steps to take to get started.


First, if you have not yet applied to attend Boise State University, go to the admissions page and apply to become an undergraduate student at Boise State.


After you are admitted to Boise State University, you should declare your major as Pre-Mechanical Engineering in the myBoiseState system.

Mechanical Engineering is a competitive program. Before you can be admitted to upper division (junior and senior) courses, you must be a Pre‐Mechanical Engineering major and apply for admission to the Mechanical Engineering major as described in the “Apply for ME Major” section below.

Meet with an academic advisor

Your advisor at Boise State University is a valuable asset. It is their role to guide you through the complexity of enrolling in the courses that will get you to your academic and career goals. As you advance in your program, we hope that your relationship evolves from merely scheduling classes to working with scholarships, internships, study abroad, job placement, and how to apply for jobs in your desired career areas.

The Mechanical Engineering program assigns all first-year students to the College of Engineering Advising Center for help in course scheduling and navigating the university. Contact the office to schedule an appointment.

COEN Advising & Outreach Office
Engineering Building, Room 101
COEN Advising & Outreach website

Starting Out In Math And English

Students differ in their educational backgrounds and their readiness to take math and English courses. Here are four ways used by the University to determine which math and English course you can start in:

  1. Previous Courses: If you have taken and passed the appropriate prerequisite courses at another College or University, you may be admitted to the next course in the Math or English sequence at Boise State University. Transcript evaluators at Boise State determine which courses at Boise State are equivalent to the ones you’ve taken at another school.
  2. Advanced Placement (AP) Exam: If you have achieved an appropriate score on the Advanced Placement (AP) exam in math or English, you may be admitted to the next course in the Math or English sequence at Boise State. You can find an updated list of AP scores and placement levels in the current Undergraduate Catalog (look under Obtaining a Degree, or in the index under Advanced Placement). Note that taking and passing an AP course in high school is not sufficient for advanced placement at Boise State—you must take the AP exam and obtain an appropriate score.
  3. COMPASS Exam: The COMPASS Exam is especially recommended for students who have not recently taken math or English courses in College or High School. COMPASS Exams in Math and English take about 90 minutes each to complete and are entirely computer-based. The COMPASS exam is administered by the Assessment Center, Technical Services Building, Room 115. While the English portion is no longer used for placement in courses, it is still used in the admission process.
  4. The Write Class: Effective Fall 2013, Writing Placement
  5. SAT/ACT Scores: Your SAT or ACT scores may be used to help determine your placement in Math and English courses. To find out more about placement, go to the Registrar’s page.
  6. ALEKS Placement Exam:  The ……

ENROLL in Classes

After meeting with your advisor and developing your course plan, you can begin to enroll in courses on or after your enrollment date as shown in myBoiseState.


After you complete the eight ME CORE courses listed below, you can apply to the ME Major.  More details on the application process  can be found on the Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering page.

ME CORE Courses:
MATH 170     MATH 175     CHEM 111     PHYS 211    ENGR 210     ENGR 220     ME 105