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Graduate Students


The Department of Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering (MBE) offers two distinct mechanical engineering graduate degree programs.  The program leading to the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (M.S. ME) is a thesis-based program designed to prepare students for research and development and further study at the doctoral level. The program leading to the Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (M.Engr. ME) is a non-thesis program with a focus on professional development.

Accelerated Master Program

Students completing their bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Boise State University may be eligible for the accelerated master program.


To be accepted into the Mechanical Engineering Graduate program, you must satisfy the admission requirements for both the Graduate College and the Mechanical Engineering department. Specific requirements for the Mechanical Engineering department include:

  1. A baccalaureate degree in Mechanical Engineering or in a closely related field
  2. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 computed for all undergraduates or a 3.0 GPA computed for the last 60 undergraduate credits
  3. A minimum GRE combined (verbal + quantitative) score of 304 with a minimum GRE quantitative score of 153

The minimum requirements for the Graduate College may be found in the Graduate Admissions Requirements in the graduate catalog. Admission is competitive and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

An admissions checklist can be found here.

To begin the admission process:

Graduate Coordinator

John Gardner, Ph.D.
Yanke Room 905

Current Students

Graduate Student Handbook